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Amazing Yoga Mats Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Yoga Mats

Ever since the world has been hit by the pandemic, it seems as though the entire world has taken a somber dip in the ocean of stress and anxiety. There has been a sharp rise in the number of people seeking therapy for some of the other sorts of sadness in their lives. One such therapy which will not empty your bank account is the graceful, simple, healing, and powerful practice called ‘Yoga’. There is no doubt about it that every educated individual in the world has heard of this practice. We all know a little something about it but not enough. When you see people waking up at 5 in the morning to go and practice yoga, you are bound to wonder what is it that motivates them to such a degree that they willingly leave the warmth and comfort of their cozy beds early in the morning for physical exercise- something that is exceptionally difficult when all your family members are still deep in sleep. Well, let’s dive right into it and find what exactly ‘Yoga’ is and how it can completely transform your life by giving you immense mental peace and physical relaxation. 

The word ‘Yoga’ has its origins in the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to join or to unite. The name couldn’t be better because yoga is all about union, the union of mind and body; the union of consciousness of self, and the consciousness of the universe. Yoga is a powerful practice that gives an individual the ability and the opportunity to overcome all sorts of suffering and attain a state of complete freedom. This practice has been around since the dawn of civilization. This combination of physical and mental exercises, if done right, will help you attain an unimaginable level of freedom and self-awareness. The greatest thing about this practice is that it is for everyone. These strategic exercises can be done by children, adults, and the elderly. There are several yoga poses that are extremely easy to hold but the benefits they bring to your life are immense. Some of them are child’s pose, downward-facing dog, plank pose, Four limbed staff pose, cobra pose, and many more. This is a truly empowering practice that helps you connect with your inner self and be the very best version of yourself. Yoga is backed by science and there is a logical explanation as to why these poses help you achieve such stunning results. 

The benefits you can derive from this practice are numerous, but, let us try to understand a few here in the list below:

  • Strength- Yoga is a very peaceful exercise but it is totally possible to develop great strength with the help of some amazing yoga poses like the dolphin push-up and half handstand.  You can build and tone your muscles and sweat like you would if you were doing some intense cardio workout to build strength. 
  • Balance- It is a key factor for a good life because a fall due to imbalance can literally bring your entire life to a complete halt. Certain yoga poses will help you develop balance and coordination and will help you avoid major injuries in the future. The best yoga poses for balance are Mountain- pose, Tree- pose, and chair- pose. 
  • Flexibility- Flexibility is important when it comes to your range of motion, joint health, back pain, repetitive use damage, and sports injuries. To achieve the flexibility you can hold some yoga poses, slowly but surely. Tree pose, bridge pose, cat-cow pose, downward-facing dog 
  • Pain relief- Yoga is known popularly to relieve chronic pain. It eases pain and makes it a lot easier to manage. There are many yoga poses like dolphin pose, downward dog, etc. which will help you relieve back pain. Poses like half moon pose, plow pose, etc. will help ease shoulder pain. For each and every chronic pain in any part of the body, there is a yoga pose you can hold. 
  • Heart health- You’ll be surprised to know that one of the benefits of practicing yoga is good heart health. The modern lifestyle has done enough to completely destroy our heart health but don’t worry, yoga is here to rescue your heart. Some poses that help with it are extended triangle pose, bridge pose, chair pose, head to knee pose, etc. 

Yoga is known throughout the world as a peaceful, serene, and tranquil practice. Make it a habit to dedicate a few important minutes from your entire day to this amazing exercise and enjoy your life the way you’re supposed to. Yoga can be done anywhere and everywhere. Whether you’re traveling or at home. Some workplaces even offer spaces for their employees to relax or move around, you can even do yoga while working, all you need is a Yoga mat. 

A yoga mat is a mat that is specially designed to practise yoga. It provides a non-slip cushioned surface to practice yoga on. They are designed in such a way that all the poses can be held in a comfortable manner. A huge variety of yoga mats are available in the market right now because yoga is gaining more and more popularity. They are made with different materials and come in different designs and levels of durability. The more expensive mats are naturally made using better materials and last longer. If you’re planning to make yoga a regular practice, invest in one because over time, the mat will pay for itself. If you’re going to do yoga at home by yourself, it is also a great idea to get a soft and stable yoga mat because getting a yoga mat is better than practicing on a slippery piece of cloth from which you might slip and fall or worse, injure yourself.

Following is a list of the different types of materials used in making yoga mats:

  • PVC-  this is a very well known material used for making yoga mats. The yoga mats made using this material are super cheap, grippy and lightweight. PVC is also available in low and high quality. The lower quality material is cheaper but less dense whereas the high quality material provides a stronger grip and has more density. It also comes in an environment friendly version called polymer environmental resin.
  • Natural rubber-  this is one of the best materials used for making yoga mats. The rubber used in making these mats is naturally obtained from a tree species called Hevea Brasiliensis. The rubber is easily biodegradable. The surface of these mats is quite hard but the grip is extremely strong. 
  • TPE- thermoplastic elastomer is another great material for yoga mats. It is basically a mix of rubber and plastic and therefore has the amazing qualities of both these materials. These mats are strong, recyclable, heat resistant, flexible, impact resistant and chemical resistant too. 
  • Synthetic rubber- this is an industrial-grade material that is normally used in automobiles. The rubber it’s very durable but not so good for the environment as it leaves a pretty hefty carbon footprint. It provides great cushioning and is a great performer overall but bad for the environment.
  • EVA-  ethylene vinyl acetate is another version of foam. The mats made using this material are cheap and are easily available. This material is also used to make flip flops and other types of floor mats. 

Before you step out to buy the best yoga mat you need to know just a bit more about yoga mats.

Following are some important things you need to look into when you’re buying a yoga mat:

  • Tactile texture-  A more textured surface will always ensure more grip since there is more friction. It will prevent the mat from slipping and will also allow your feet to stay steady on the surface of the mat. A good grip is an important factor to consider when you’re buying a yoga mat. Make sure you get one that is highly textured. 
  • Thickness-  A thick mat will most certainly provide you with better cushioning but don’t forget that a thicker mat will always be heavier and will hamper the portability. You can get this mat if you are going to practice yoga at home since you won’t have to carry it anywhere with you. 
  • Breathability- A breathable mat will always absorb your body heat more easily but it would not provide proper cushioning since the density of this mat will be low. The high-density mat will give you great cushioning but it will not allow proper breathability. There must be a proper ratio of the density and the breathability in your mat. 
  • Flexibility- A yoga mat is big and if it has to be carried, it needs to be folded up, for this very reason you will need a flexible mat that can be folded up and carried easily. Mats made using TPE are quite flexible and portable. 

Yoga is not just an exercise but it is the way of life. Thanks to our ancestors that this amazing practice exists in today’s day and age, otherwise how would we deal with it all?

Following is the list that includes the top 10 yoga mats available in the market. Check it out and get that yoga routine started today:

1. Gaiam yoga mat

Price : $29.98


This beautifully printed yoga mat is durable, yet lightweight. It is pretty thick and provides the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga routine. It is made using non-toxic materials and is hence skin-friendly for sensitive skin. 


Since it comes rolled and packed it is advised to unroll and air out your mat for some days. To clean it, wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not keep it in the sun as it might cause the mat to become brittle. 

Special feature:

This yoga mat comes with a bonus feature of downloadable yoga workouts to help get you started if you’re a beginner. 


Customers who are regular yogis loved this mat. Some customers who practice hot yoga, which is way more intense than regular yoga, were thrilled with their purchase. The mat stays stable even in intense workouts. Customers recommend that if you’re new to yoga and have no idea about what you are doing, you should blindly trust this brand because the mat is very close to perfection. It provides great support with its thickness and it has a beautiful print on it.  It’s a bit thicker than regular mats which gives you a comfortable surface on hardwood floors. The color is a little brighter and saturated in person than in the picture but none of the customers saw that as a problem. The only complaint the customers had was the strong chemical smell which can be easily gotten rid of by airing it out. 

Customers recommend this mat because it is thick, the design is cute, and the measurements are right.

2. Manduka Yoga mat

Price : $102.63 ~ $179.90


The material used to make this has been trusted worldwide for nearly 20 years. The  PVC has been certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. The product is safe to use and does not have any chemicals. It has a closed-cell material that prolongs its life. 


It is easy to maintain and clean. The brand recommends washing the mat by hand using Manduka’s Yoga Mat Wash Cleaner.

Special feature:

The special thing about these mats is that they were each meticulously handmade. It’s  the reason why sometimes the size may vary but not so much that it would become a problem. 


Since this mat is considerably expensive as compared to other mats, the customers expected a lot from it and it is safe to say their expectations were not only met but exceeded. The padding, 6MM is wonderful for your knees. The mat stays put, it is not going to move. It is heavy and stable. 4. The length, 85” is amazing. Some customers felt that initially, the mat was slippery with sweat. Others said that this is one heavy-duty solid mat. It is tough, dense and feels extremely firm. It is easy to maintain all poses. You’ll feel more grounded when using the mat. The extra 2 inches width and 14 inches length was greatly appreciated as well. The extra room is helpful when moving on the mat and staying focused on holding a pose.

It is highly recommended by its customers since they feel that the price you pay for it is totally worth the excellent performance. 

3. TOPLUS yoga mat 

Price : $28.99 ~ $30.99


This yoga mat is made of TPE which is odorless and eco-friendly. It has a comfortable cushioning effect and is safe to be used by everyone. It is also recyclable. 


This mat is waterproof and that is why it is very easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp towel every time after using it to get rid of sweat and dust.

Special feature:

The special feature of this mat is that it is double sided. It can be used on either side. It is a beautiful design as well as something that prolongs its life. 


This yoga mat has thick padding which gives your body the support it needs while holding a pose. It’s not hard to keep your feet steady  or slide your hands going from one pose to the next, in fact it makes it easier having durability and the stickiness to keep you in place. This mat is easy to wipe down and roll up. It doesn’t take up a lot of  space and it’s lightweight. You can take it anywhere because it has straps to hold it together. Customers loved  the two tones. You can use it on both sides and the great thing is that both these sides are non-slip. The belt that comes together with the mat makes it really helpful in packing and carrying to the gym.The quality is very good for the price. Unroll it and lay it out overnight and you can use it the next day.  The size is perfect and it is not too bulky to carry around. 

Customers highly recommend it for the extremely low price and the unique design. 

4. Grouper yoga mat

Price : $26.99 ~ $33.99


This new and upgraded yoga mat is made with a skin- friendly material. This material costs more but it is safer and softer than traditional non-green PVC and EVA yoga mats.


To clean this mat spot clean with a damp cloth, cold water and mild detergent. It is recommended not to dry this mat in direct sunlight 

Special feature:

This awesome double sided yoga mat comes in three different dimensions. That is a special feature because you do not get that option with all the yoga mats. Doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short, there’s a size for everyone. 


Customers were pleasantly surprised to find that this mat is a good mix between cushioning and firmness. This mat does not stretch which is a very good thing. One of the best things about this mat is that it is really grippy both to the floor and to your feet and hands. It comes with a bag and a strap. The bag has mesh sides to help it dry and avoid mildew. Customers complained that the material does have a slight odour but it’s not too much. The mat also comes with an elastic strap which is good to carry around and seems to be the preferred method of most customers. The mat is a great quality for the price and its grippiness is a great thing. 

Customers recommend buying this mat for its strong grip. The grip is so good that sometimes it is difficult to put it inside the bag but for most customers it was not a deal breaker. 

5. Heathyoga yoga mat

Price : $35.99 ~ $37.99


This yoga mat is made using a little more expensive material than others called TPE or Thermoplastic elastomer. There is no latex, PVC, or any heavy metal used in the mat. The material is SGS certified, is non-slip, odorless and provides ample cushioning.


The mat has a closed cell surface which prevents sweat from getting absorbed into the mat. This also means that the mat won’t get dirty too often and when it does it can be simply washed using soap or detergent and cold water.

Special feature:

This mat is special because it has an extra middle-mesh layer with anti-tear design. This makes the mat highly durable and completely tear-resistant. 


This mat made the customers really happy because it truly lives up to its promise of non-slippage. Even when you’re sweating profusely on the mat while exercising, there’s a guarantee that you will not slip on the mat at all. The colors in which this mat is available are all attractive and bright. The mat is double layered and is super strong. Customers complained of a rubbery smell from the mat right after unpacking but the smell goes away after airing it out for a day or two. The mat has an alignment guide printed on it which is a feature that instantly became very popular among the customers. Now, even if you don’t have a big mirror where you are practicing yoga you will be able to position yourself correctly using the alignment lines. The mat comes with a strap and a carrying cord which makes it easy for you to carry it to your yoga studio.

This mat is recommended by its customers because it has comfortable cushioning; is lightweight; has alignment lines and does not tear easily. 

6. BalanceFrom yoga mat

Price : $32.17 ~ $56.99


This beautiful and sturdy yoga mat has a non-toxic lead-free vinyl surface. It is very durable and weighs extremely little. It is puncture-resistant and the vinyl is non- absorbent. 


The surface of the mat is non- absorbent and so it can be easily washed with soap and water. Do not dry it out in the sun. It is very well made and will last long if you store it properly and clean it every once in a while. 

Special feature:

The special feature of this mat is the carrying handles. They make it easy to carry the mat around . The foldable panel design is also innovative.


Customers said that with this amazing yoga mat they can now do their yoga routine with no pain at all. The padding on this mat is perfect for situps and pushups. The 2 inch thickness protects your joints during the  routine. The size is also perfect. This mat is best suited for the elderly because of the thick cushioning. The price is also quite reasonable. The stitching on the mat is heavy duty and the cover looks much better than the typical floor mat cover that is easy to tear. Customers said that the mat looks like it’s more expensive than it is and for this very reason they loved it. The padded foam is very dense and that’s why it is  great to use for outdoor yoga or on hard floors. The cover is easy to clean and the handles allow you to easily transport it.

Customers highly recommend this mat because it has thick padding and comes at a very reasonable price. It is also recommended for portability. 

7. Prosource yoga mat

Price : $37.77 ~ $38.99


The mat has a waterproof vinyl surface. The material resists tearing or stretching. The foam insert is soft enough but not so much that it would give under your weight. 


The easy-to-clean design is low-maintenance and durable for long-lasting performance. Wipe it with a damp cloth and then with a dry one to get rid of dust. Do not immerse it completely in water. 

Special feature:

The foam inside the mat is resilient and keeps its shape for a long time and protects knees, wrists, elbows & back. 


Customers were pleased with their purchase because the mat works really well. None of the customers reported any foul odor from the material and the construction is of high quality. The thickness of the mat is perfect and can be used for daily stretching. The mat is pretty long for tall people and  is very thick and strong. The mat does not squish down a lot and since the foam is resilient you can expect the mat to remain new for a long time. The handle makes it easy to carry and it’s very light weight. Customers were satisfied and reported that they could do their exercises  comfortably. Some customers felt that the mat was pretty hard for them. It’s not a heavy duty wrestling practice mat and that’s why it is advised to only use it for some floor exercises and stretching.

Customers highly recommend this mat for people who have hardwood floors as this mat makes doing planks, sit ups, push ups, squats, yoga stretches etc much easier. It stays in place and does not slip and slide, giving an excellent grip. 

8. Ewedoos yoga mat

Price : $25.16 ~ $31.99


This yoga mat is made of technologically improved TPE which is extremely stretchable. It is eco-friendly and has double-sided and non-slip surfaces. The  wavy underside grips the floor. The subtly textured surface prevents hands and feet from slipping out of position


The mat has a closed-cell surface that locks out dust and moisture to keep sweat and odours away. It doesn’t get dirty too easily and when it does it is very easy to wipe clean.

Special feature:

This yoga mat is printed with alignment lines that help you focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate positions, and keep your body in proper alignment. 


Customers who have had this mat for a long time reported that it has held up perfectly and it has not stained or changed colors like some of the mats do. Some customers even said that this is the highest quality of yoga gear you can get at this price. The alignment marks in the mat really make a whole lot of difference

Customers did not report any odors coming from the mat and said that it was ready to use right out of the package. It is easy to roll up, is very light weight and not bulky and most importantly it is not slippery. It doesn’t buckle near the feet pressure points.  The colors all look great. It’s also not very thick, but because of the quality of the material, it provides the same support as the thicker mats. It is more beautiful texture wise than it looks in the picture. 

Customers said this mat is value for money and it looks and feels far more expensive than it really is. Customers recommend buying this mat, you won’t be disappointed.,

9. JADE YOGA yoga mat

Price : $63.50 ~ $99.95


This mat is made using natural rubber. It has a strong grip and enough cushioning. All the materials are sustainable and the mat is designed to provide a secure grip.


This mat has an open cell surface and that’s why it is advised to wipe it with a clean cloth to rid it of dust and dirt. Do not wash it using soap.

Special feature:

The special thing about this mat is that whenever you purchase a yoga mat,  the brand plants a tree to help the environment. 


Customers who bought this mat said that they like to think of this as an investment that is definitely worth it if you are going to practice yoga on a daily basis. There are many other mats that are similar in price and quality, but this brand comes on top because of its most special feature of planting a tree with every sale. It is a little heavier, which wasn’t a problem for most customers. There is a slight rubber smell that goes away after a few days. This mat, while similar in thickness to most other mats, provides more support. It also doesn’t move around on the floor. If you tend to sweat, it will not allow your hands or feet to slip. Some customers said that they felt they received a duplicate product which just felt like a cheap piece of rubber. 

Customers also do not recommend this for people with arthritis. Customers said that if prospective buyers feel that this mat is too expensive, they should know that it will last for a very long time and so it is more like an investment. 

10. HemingWeigh yoga mat

Price : $31.99


This thick yoga mat is made with soft, flexible, and nitrile rubber. It will give you enough cushioning to comfortably practice yoga for hours. 


The mat is easy to clean, all you need to do is wipe with a dry cloth in case of spills or sweating. Do not store the mat without covering it with plastic. The dust might get trapped in the foam. 

Special feature:

This mat comes with an easy strapping system which allows you to carry it easily to the gym or to your yoga studio. The strap is comfortable to use and makes it easy for you to carry it. 


Customers were very happy that the mat looks exactly as it is shown in the picture. It is just as thick and comfortable as it looks in the pictures. The length is perfect to accommodate tall people.The best part is there is absolutely no smell or foul chemical odor coming from it. Although the strap was supposed to be a special feature, most customers said that it is only good for holding the mat in the rolled-up position. You can’t carry the mat by the strap because the loops around it are made of a very loose elastic. If you try to swing that strap over your shoulder, the mat slips out of the loops. The mat is soft and cushiony which is great for your knees especially when you are doing the exercises with knees on the ground. Some customers said that although the quality of this mat seems great but since it is thick and soft, the top surface tends to tear fast. It is thick enough to avoid chafing from floor exercises.

Customers recommend buying this only if you have a lot of trouble practicing on a thin mat. It is highly recommended for the elderly. 


1. How to clean my yoga mat?

Keeping your mat clean is very important because it comes in direct contact with your skin every day and tends to collect a lot of dirt and bacteria. To deep clean your yoga mat, follow these steps:

  • Fill a bathtub with water (room temperature)
  • Pour in a spoon of detergent and mix thoroughly
  • Let your mat soak in it for 5-6 minutes
  • Take it out and scrub it with a soft cloth to get rid of the dirt spots
  • Rinse it with clean and cold water till the soap has completely washed off
  • Shake the water off and let it air-dry for as long as it takes to be completely dry. 

2. What to do with the old yoga mat?

Whenever your yoga mat wears out and you buy a new one, what do you do with the old one? Do you throw it away because you don’t know what else could be done with it? Well, we have just the right suggestions for you:

  • If you have pets, lay down this old yoga mat in the backseat of your car to avoid their cute paws scratching the leather on your car seats.
  • Use this mat as your kids’ playmat for any messy activities which might destroy their good playmat.
  • Use your old yoga mat as a liner to keep your plant pots on and protect the floor or your carpets from getting stained. 
  • Cut them up in small squares and use them as padding underneath your furniture to protect your floor. 

3. How to store a yoga mat?

You use your yoga mat barely for an hour or two during the entire day, where do you keep it when you’re done? Do you let it sit in your car until the next day when you take it out to use for your session? Here are some ways in which you can store your yoga mat without causing any damage to it:

  • Store it rolled up in a beautiful wicker basket if you’re storing it inside your home. If you use it every day, this way of storing it is highly recommended since it will be extremely easy for you to pull it out and take it with you. 
  • Store it in a gym bag which will make it easy for you to carry it to your practice. 
  • Fold it up and put it in a carton and store it in your garage if you won’t be using it for a long time. Make sure to wrap it with plastic before placing it in the box since the plastic will keep dust from gathering on the surface of the mat. 

4. What is the importance of using a good yoga mat?

Choosing a good yoga mat is a crucial decision to make because when you hold yoga poses you need to really focus and you cannot be distracted thinking you might slip and fall or that you’re losing your grip on the mat. Following are the reasons why it is important to get a good yoga mat:

  • A good grip is important to maintain balance
  • A hard mat can be very uncomfortable and you will not be able to practice the way you intend to. 
  • A well-cushioned mat provides stability to you and you can hold your poses for a longer time. 
  • A yoga mat that’s lightweight will always be preferable since you won’t have any trouble carrying it around with you

There is nobody in this world who has existed for quite some time and is not stressed about something or the other. Yoga is the best way to relieve any stress, be it mental or physical. Make it a regular practice and it is a proven fact that you will certainly notice betterment in your life. It sounds too good to be true but trust the thousand of years of Yoga’s legacy and make it a part of your day. There is a great certainty that no matter what your weary heart is going through, yoga will be that healing balm and will soothe your pain with just the right amount of serenity. 

Choose any of the yoga mats from our list above and enroll in the best yoga program if you’re a beginner. If you’re already a yogi and need no convincing about how magical this practice is, buy the best yoga mat today from our list and let nothing hinder your amazing routine of a talented yogi. Let us know in the comments which yoga mat you chose to venture into the world of tranquility and self-awareness. 

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