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Best Pressure Cookers Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Pressure Cookers Of 2022

Food connects us all with each other. It is literally what life is all about. Good food can heal a soul and cooking as a hobby can make one do wonders with their talent. After an exhausting day, if your partner cooks a love filled meal for you, you are living the best life. Food has the power to solve any problem or stress you might be going through. 

Think of that hot bowl of soup your mom used to make for you whenever you felt sick. As soon as a hot spoonful of that soup touched your lips, you’d begin to feel better. What about all the comfort food your partner cooks for you to make you feel loved? It’s not just the food but the hidden gesture of affection behind it that completely makes your day. Food is something all of us enjoy and cooking is a great hobby to have and nurture. Why not take your love for food and cooking to another level with a versatile pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker works on the simple principle of steam pressure. It is basically a pot that gets filled with a lot of steam inside and cooks food with that locked up steam. It speeds up the process of slow cooking meals. There’s a valve on the pot that controls the steam pressure inside. After heating the pot the steam is formed inside the pot and this leads to build up of high pressure inside the pot which helps the food cook faster.  

The pressure cooker was invented by Denis Papin, a Frenchman in the 1600s. He was a French physicist known for his work with steam. He produced the first pressure cooker and called it the ‘steam digester’. The steam digester used internal pressure to increase the boiling point of water which in turn cooked food a lot faster. 

Initially this device was too expensive to be used in homes. It wasn’t until 1919 that the technology invented by Papin was used to develop the first domestic express cooking pot. It was patented in Spain by Jose Alix Martinez and by the 1930s the pressure cookers were being used to cook food for mountaineers as on mountains low boiling point meant higher cooking time and a pressure cooker solved this problem. 

In 1938 the pressure cooker finally became a household device when a New Yorker, Alfred Vischer decided to produce it as a domestic model. After that huge companies started the mass production of pressure cookers and really popularized them. By the time it was 1960, the pressure cooker had made its way into every household all across America making people’s lives easier and helping them cook food faster and match their pace with the fast moving modern life. 

The most recent development in the technology of steam cooking is the electric pressure cooker which saves 90% energy and cooks food perfectly in no time. Electric pressure cooker has many settings and can be used to cook a wide variety of food items with their flavors intact. They are energy efficient but are slower than stovetop models which can be considered a tiny drawback. 

Whether it is an electric pressure cooker or a stovetop cooker, a pressure cooker will always come loaded with a ton of awesome features which will get you excited about buying them right now. Cooking is a risky business since you work around heat. Modern pressure cookers come with a ton of features that make it extra safe for you to cook with them.

Have a look at these awesome features and decide for yourself how soon you’d like to buy a pressure cooker:

  • Safety lid locks: This extra safety feature in pressure cookers avoids all types of mishaps that can happen when you’re cooking in a pressure cooker. These locks do not allow pressure cooker lids to be opened directly and that is why there is no chance of pressure escaping. When the lock is released, only then does the lid open. 
  • Pressure Valves: The modern pressure cookers have the best pressure valves that make the usage of pressure cookers even safer. Valves reduce any extra pressure or noise from the pressure cookers and they make sure that the contents of the cooker and the pressure stay inside. 
  • Three ply encapsulated base:  Most modern pressure cookers come with a three ply encapsulated base which heats up evenly avoiding the creation of hotspots inside the cooker. Due to this even heating there are less chances of the food burning up or the meat going dry. The heat required to cook food is also less since it gets evenly heated up. 
  • Reliable mechanism:  When the pressure cooker was initially invented it was risky business to use it. Now, however, pressure cookers come with a lot of safety features and easy mechanisms to aid you in the kitchen. Different companies manufacture cookers using different  pressure releasing techniques hoping their models would do better in the market. 

Electric pressure cooker vs stovetop pressure cooker: which is better?

Since the conception of this amazing idea of cooking food using steam pressure, the pressure cooker has advanced with the times and has expanded into two major types: Electric pressure cooker and stove top pressure cooker. To know which one you’d like to buy, you need to weigh the pros and cons of both these types. Let’s have a look at how these cookers function and what’s good or bad about them:

Electric pressure cooker:

This cutting edge appliance has made several lives easier in the kitchen and has saved a ton of time. Electric cookers are popular for the reason that there is absolutely no mess cooking with them. They are energy efficient and have several sensors that warn you when there is too much  pressure building up inside the cooker. Similarly, they warn you when the temperature rises to a dangerous level. They are extremely safe to cook with and the sensors and setting allow you to cook your food just the way you’d want. 

There’s however a small chance of the electric cooker exploding if it is filled beyond its capacity or if it is not used properly and the settings are fiddled with. The major benefit of using an electric cooker is that the insulation inside keeps the heat concentrated for a long time and that keeps your food fresh and hot for a long time. 

Stove top pressure cooker:

These pressure cookers combine the great features of faster cooking and durability. Stove top pressure cookers work faster and last for years. If you’re a home cook and do not have the need for the extra features that come with an electric pressure cooker, you should go for a stove top cooker. These cookers certainly cook food faster than electric cookers but you must never leave them unattended as you’d have to keep adjusting the heat. There are some chances that your food might get burnt if you don’t pay attention to the flame settings. 

Both these cookers have their own set of great features but the electric cooker has an advantage of spreading heat evenly and not requiring constant attention. You can just choose the desired pressure and heat using the setting on an electric cooker and be gone. These cookers however are risky since they can explode and take more time to cook food as compared to stove top cookers. 

Based on this comparison of features you can decide what kind of appliance you want in your kitchen. 

Following is the list of the top 10 pressure cookers available in the market. Each of these cookers has been selected after careful and thorough research. You can check the features, reviews and whatnots of these pressure cookers below to make your decision:

1. NUWAVE pressure cooker

Price : $99.99

About this product:

  • This new age digital pressure cooker cooks food perfectly with the power of superheated steam.
  • With this pressure cooker you can cook healthier meals in no time. 
  • This pressure cooker can be used for broiling, baking, boiling or grilling meals.
  • This digital pressure cooker comes with a digital control panel. It has 11 digital cooking presets.
  • With its Sure-Lock technology you can be sure about the safety. 
  • It also has some advanced features like delay, warm, sear, etc. NutriPot features 11 one-touch cooking presets including rice, multi-grain, soup, meat/stew, poultry, beans, fish, vegetables, steam, bake, potatoes etc. 

Customer’s views:

This pressure cooker is highly popular. It is a tried and tested product that has received a lot of love online. All the features work excellently and the food that is cooked in this cooker tastes absolutely amazing. Most customers were very happy since now they are able to cook healthy meals faster for their families. The safety features in this pressure cooker also became a huge selling point.

Customers bought this cooker as housewarming or anniversary gifts and they were happy with the compliments the receivers gave them. Customers highly recommend this cooker to people who are mostly busy and can make only a little time to cook. This cooker will help you cook delicious food faster. 

Invest in this pressure cooker today and gift it to your partner or family. The positive reviews about the product and the recommendations of customers suggest that this product is totally worth spending money on.

2. Cuisinart pressure cooker 

Price : $99.99 ~ $109.95

About this product:

  • This pressure cooker is extremely efficient as it cooks much faster than any other method of cooking you use. 
  • The cooker is made with premium stainless steel which allows optimal cooking and makes it dishwasher safe
  • The base is made with an aluminum encapsulated base. It spreads the heat evenly, cooking your food to perfection. It also gets heated up fast and saves energy.
  • The design of the cooker makes it convenient to use. There’s a handle on the top which you can use to hold the lid.
  • The pressure release valve works well to release steam when the desired pressure is reached.

Customer’s views:

This pressure cooker received many positive reviews due to its amazing performance. The pressure cooker promises to cook food faster and it does exactly that. The brand lives up to its name and the product is a great representative of the quality of products manufactured by ‘Cuisinart’. 

Some customers faced some difficulty with understanding the cooking process of this pressure cooker but eventually they figured it out and it was a smooth ride after it. There were some complaints about discoloration of the bottom of the cooker. A few customers did not like the service provided by the customer care service as they did not find it helpful. 

Customers felt that it was a little expensive but they also felt that the cooker is good enough to cost as much as it does. This pressure cooker is highly recommended if you’re looking to cook your meals faster.

3. Fissler pressure cooker 

Price : $107.80

About this product:

  • This pressure cooker comes with many features that allow you to steam, sauté, sous vide, slow cook and ferment food. You can whip up delicious soups, meats, stews, poultry, eggs, grains, beans, chili, dough, cake and more.
  • The cooker is made using stainless steel for the interior. It has an encapsulated base. It is corrosion resistant and has three layers of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • The base allows heat to be distributed evenly and grants beautiful taste and texture to the food. 
  • The grip handles are insulated and are safe to hold even when the cooker is super hot

Customer’s views:

Customers are huge fans of this kitchen appliance. It is a sturdy cooker. The cooker is very well made and is easy to clean. The safe pressure release feature was loved by many. Customers who tried new recipes were delighted with the results this cooker gave them. 

Some customers also reported that they carry this cooker with them while traveling as it can be used as a rice cooker. The control panel on this cooker is super easy to use and makes things easier for you if you are not so much of a cook. Customers highly recommend this pressure cooker since it is very easy to use and clean too. The cleaning can be done by hand using dishwashing detergent. 

There were a few negative feedbacks from the customers about not getting instructional guidance on how to use this product. Most of them however received one and were able to follow the written instructions as well as the picture guide. According to customers a comprehensive guide about how to use the product safely should be included with the cooker. 

4. Tayama  pressure cooker

Price : $50.90

About this product:

  • This old school stovetop pressure cooker uses timeless technology to help you cook amazing food in no time. The capacity is 7 liters which is more than enough to cook food for an entire family.
  • The body of this cooker is made using top grade aluminum.
  • It has a pressure limiting valve which keeps you safe while you cook. 
  • The safety features in this cooker include a sealing ring which keeps the steam inside the cooker while the food is cooking and a safety release system which releases extra pressure.
  •  It has 3 safety valves to ensure complete protection against any mishaps

Customer’s views:

This pressure cooker did not receive many positive reviews from the customers. They felt that although the product is loaded with safety features, when the time arrives they do not seem to work. There were complaints regarding the sealing ring. The customers felt that the material used in making the sealing ring was of bad quality and it made the ring break within the first or the second usage. 

It is also very difficult to clean this pressure cooker as the food sticks to the inside of the body and just doesn’t come off even after hours of soaking. The few good reviews that this pressure cooker got said that this item is good for the price it is available at. 

Since it doesn’t cost as much as the other similar models, people did not mind spending money. This cooker is meant for you especially if you’re looking for something temporary this one will do good. Buy this cooker only if you do not want to spend a lot of money and want something temporary.

5. Presto pressure cooker 

Price : $92.96

About this product:

  • This pressure cooker by Presto is the smart choice for preparing today’s lower calorie foods.
  • The pressure cooker uses minimal heat and cooks three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods.
  • It helps  preserve flavors and nutrients, and softens lean cuts of meat.
  • It is made using strong, heavy-gauge aluminum for quick, even heating and easy cleaning.
  • It comes with a cooking rack and a complete 64-page instructions and recipe book.

Customer’s views:

Most users were very pleased with the way this pressure cooker has been performing. The size is perfect and it heats up and comes up to pressure quickly.  Customers felt that in comparison to a stainless steel pot this one heats up a lot faster. 

This product is popular because it is cost and energy efficient. For the price it is available at, the features are stunning but it is not meant for heavy-duty usage. It is easy to use, versatile and all the parts are of excellent quality

Customers who have been using this pressure cooker for years said that they were surprised by the quality of the product because they had not expected such amazing performance by an inexpensive appliance. It is great for summer cooking because you can cook things in it that would normally take a long time to cook. It is highly recommended for the price and the performance. 

6. All-clad pressure cooker

Price : $299.95

About this product:

  • This popular pressure cooker is one of the best as it features deep dimensions and is one of the most versatile pressure cookers available in the market. 
  • The base of this cooker is made using stainless steel for durability and to allow heat to be distributed evenly
  • The handles are riveted stainless steel handles which prevent dropping or spilling of food
  • It can be used with gas, electric, ceramic, and induction stoves
  • It can also be used in ovens or broilers as long as it is within 600°F 
  • The cleaning up is easy as it can be washed in the dishwasher
  • It comes with modern features like removable smart timer and sound alerts

Customer’s views:

This pressure cooker not only looks great but it also works really well. Customers were loving the many sensors that this cooker has. Some customers felt that it is a tad small but that only helps cook the food faster and the brand guarantees the capacity. 

It is lightweight and that makes cooking easy. This cooker is majorly popular because of its ability to cook almost anything absolutely perfectly. It saves a lot of time and energy. Customers were happy that they spent money on this cooker since it brought them happiness. They felt it is a little expensive but its many features make up for the money spent. It will last for many many years and that is why customers did not hesitate spending a lot of money on this cooker. It is a one time buy and will assist you for years. 

Washing and cleaning this cooker is pretty straightforward. It is highly recommended for people looking for a versatile kitchen appliance and also for people who are busy most of the time. This cooker will whip up delicious meals for you instantly.

7. Butterfly pressure cooker

Price : $70.00

About this product:

  • This made in India cooker has an ergonomic design and comes with a unidirectional rotating handle for easy grip.
  • The handle is also insulated to keep it cold and comfortable to hold after the cooker has become hot.
  • It has a gasket release system for safety and a thicker base which heats up fast and stays hot for a long time to keep the food hot too. 
  • The gasket used is food -grade Nitrile for a longer life
  • It can be used with an induction cooktop and has a capacity of  5.5 liters

Customer’s views:

Users said that from their initial research they found many negative feedbacks about this product but they still gave it a chance since it doesn’t cost a fortune and they were happy that they did. The cooker works perfectly fine and cooks up delicious meals quickly. The base is pretty thick and keeps the food hot for a long time. 

Some customers, however, did not have a pleasant experience and felt that the cooker is not safe to be used by amateurs. It is dangerous as it releases steam violently while cooking and even the supposedly cold handle also gets too hot to be touched.The customers who had a bad experience with the cooker said that they did not like the mechanism of this cooker as it releases steam very loudly and can make you panic. Some customers felt that the material of the handle was flimsy and it broke too. 

The cooker is recommended for people who are looking for a stovetop pressure cooker that works just fine. It is a reliable pressure cooker which will be in your kitchen for a long time and will be your cooking assistant when you need to cook food faster.

8. Buffalo pressure cooker 

Price : $659.00

About this product:

  • This excellent and extra large pressure cooker is the perfect one in looks as well as in performance. If you want to cook big bone broth or beef stew, this cooker is the best one because it will not consume too much gas and time
  • You can even store a variety of vegetables, meat and seafood safely in this airtight cooker. 
  • It is extremely safe to use and has a faster heat conduction speed. It is very easy to use too.
  • It comes with a filter, washer and clearing needle and can be used with gas stove, electric stove, ceramic stove, induction cooker

Customer’s views:

This heavy duty pressure cooker received many good reviews and lots of love from its users. Customers were very happy with this cooker’s performance. Many who used this cooker for canning were also too happy to have bought it as it is completely worth it.  

It is certainly expensive since it is large and can be used for multiple things but the heavy duty usage you can derive out of this appliance is totally worth the money. You will not have to invest money in a cooking appliance again for a long time. 

Customers warned to not fill this cooker up to its entire capacity since it is large and gets very very hot and it might cause a disaster. Although it comes with all the safety features, it is still not worth taking a huge risk. Fill it with food and liquid but not all the way and it should be safe to use. 

9. Barton Turbo pressure cooker  

Price : $69.95

About this product:

  • You can prepare the healthiest meals with this pressure cooker as it cooks food 70% faster and retains valuable nutrients and flavor.
  • The unique lid allows you to lock it on the cooker easily using just one hand 
  • The body of the cooker is made using food grade stainless steel and the base is pretty thick which allows even distribution of heat 
  • It can be used with stove tops as well as with induction cooktops
  • The pressure cooker satisfies all the safety standards and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Customer’s views:

This versatile pressure cooker is used by many customers who love it and use it daily. Customers loved the lower profile and locking system on this new model and this serious upgrade has made this product even more popular. The heat distribution is also excellent. 

The cooker is pretty sturdy and will cook food faster as compared to other similar models. Some customers complained that especially while cooking rice they noticed that the steam kept leaking. This leaves the rice uncooked yet burnt from the base. Cleaning the cooker after it is very difficult as the burnt rice sticks badly to the base. To avoid your food from burning in the cooker you can place a disc of ovenware glass at the bottom. 

Some customers also complained that the cooker is very noisy and  leaks steam and food. The good things about this cooker are the lid that securely locks into place and the even heat distribution. Some customers felt that the cooking process in this cooker is a little too complicated and the safety lock doesn’t work every time.

10. MAGEFESA pressure cooker 

Price : $121.04 ~ $160.63

About this product:

  • This highly efficient cooker can be used with stove tops as well as induction cooktops. It saves energy and cooks up food faster, saving your time and money.
  • It is made of stainless steel. It is super sturdy and will last for years since it is resistant to wear and tear.
  • The base is a 5-layer encapsulated thermo-diffuser bottom that allows a rapid and uniform distribution of heat.
  • The handle has a soft touch design which is easy to open and close and can be held easily even when the cooker gets hot. 
  • It has 3 safety mechanisms- rotating valve, depressing valve and safety closing bar which together make this cooker extremely safe to use at home

Customer’s views:

Customers who used this pressure cooker for canning were very happy with this product. Customers were also happy with the safety standard of this cooker. It is meant for heavy duty usage like cooking bone broth which cooks at high temperature. Flimsy cookers explode in these situations but not this one. 

Customers bought this cooker for their friends and family and were happy they decided to choose this brand as the quality of this product is excellent. Customers liked the sheer simplicity of the design which makes it safer. According to them it also looks better built than its predecessors and it heats up fast.

Some buyers complain that it’s hard to tighten and loosen the lid but most people did not have a problem of this sort. The product is okay but not the best. For the price it is good but customers said they would not recommend it to experienced cooks as they might require something more heavy- duty.


1. How to cook food in a pressure cooker?

The process of cooking food is very similar in both types of pressure cookers. There are some extra steps involved when it comes to cooking in an electric pressure cooker. Following are the steps you need to follow to cook food in both types of pressure cookers:

Electric pressure cooker: 

  • Measure and put the food and water in the cooker
  • Close the lid and make sure that the valve is in the correct position
  • Select the pressure setting and turn the heat high
  • Wait for the pressure to build 

Stove top pressure cooker:

  • Add food and liquid to the cooker 
  • Close the lid and make sure it is secured properly
  •  Place the stove on the gas and turn up the heat to high
  • Set the timer according to how long you want to cook the food inside the cooker for

2. What are some safety tips to follow while using a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers have a ton of benefits but they also need to be used cautiously. There are a lot of risks involved with this appliance. To cook safely using a pressure cooker you need to follow these tips:

  • Do not fill it up to the maximum capacity 
  • Do not use a pressure cooker to deep fry food 
  • Be careful while opening a pressure cooker as the steam might burn  you 
  • Keep track of the quality of the sealing ring. If you notice a little damage, immediately replace it. 
  • Do not leave a stovetop pressure cooker unattended

3. How to know if the food is done in the pressure cooker?

With every recipe you might have to set a different timer length but how do you know if the food is done to your liking in the stovetop pressure cooker? There are some things you might want to pay attention to if you want to cook your food aptly in the cooker. Since there is no way you can add seasoning or salt while the food is cooking, you need to measure everything properly. The perfect trick to find out if your food is done to analyse the smell. 

Every time the whistle on the pressure cooker goes off in the stovetop pressure cookers, the steam that’s let out carries the smell of the food. With that smell you can judge whether the food is cooked to your liking or not. This is the case with stove top pressure cookers in general. The modern pressure cookers have many sensors and indicators that will perfectly cook your food and you won’t have to monitor the process the entire time you’re cooking. 

Pressure cookers are that modern day kitchen appliance that allows you to multitask. Whether you have unannounced guests or you are running out of time to cook because you came home late from work, a pressure cooker will always be at your side to be the best sous chef. Impress your friends and family with delicious and elaborate meals and pamper them. Nobody likes to be in the kitchen while you have guests over, cook food in a pressure cooker and you will actually have some time on your hands to hangout with your guests. When the food is done you can set the table up properly and tend to your guests. You will be showered with compliments for the amazing and heartwarming food you so lovingly cooked for them in your brand new pressure cooker. 

Good food is the life of all gatherings , especially when it is with family. Food can help you create valuable moments. Cook for your partner this valentine’s day and have the most romantic dinner with them. The food will be a sweet touch to the already strong connection you share with your partner. With a pressure cooker, not only will you be able to cook faster but you will also save time and energy. With the extra time you can either cook something more or you can spend that time chilling with your guests. Pressure cookers are great for everyday meals too. Just chop up the veggies and dump them with some lentils, rice and seasoning in the pressure cooker and there you have it, tasty comfort food. But the best pressure cookers from our list above and let us know in the comments which pressure cooker you chose to be your sous chef. 

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