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Adorable Bathtub Toys Of 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top Baby Bath Toys

It might sound very cute to bathe a toddler or a baby but ask a real parent what an ordeal it is. Getting your child to take a bath in the first place is a huge pain and secondly keeping them entertained while you wash them up is a herculean task. Seriously, how do moms do it? Every parent in the world knows the physical and psychological significance of bathtime for babies. Making that bathtime fun for children makes it easy for you to finish it successfully rather than abandoning the task in the middle and giving up doing it on your own. 

Toys play an important role when it comes to keeping children occupied or rather distracted when you are bathing them. You might think of toys as just something that keeps children entertained but the truth is, toys play a huge role in the developmental years of a child. Bath toys provide kids a unique play experience which is crucial for them. Playing in the bathtub helps children in a number of ways like improving motor development as well as sensory development. 

Whether they might seem like it or not, bath toys are important for your children and they will do more than you can think for their development and for your peace.

Following are some points of importance that will enlighten you about the effect of bath toys in the quality of bathtime

  • Children enjoy bath time- When you include toys in your baby’s bathtub they will be occupied for a long time and this will give you a good opportunity to spend quality time with them. Each parent can take turns to bathe the baby with the bath toys so you get to spend more time with them. In this time you can strengthen your bond with the baby by reading to them or telling them a story or even singing to them. This is a precious time in your child’s life and you can cherish it if your child is occupied for a longer time. 
  • Building learning skills-  With different types of bath toys the children can improve various skills like sensory and motor skills. Through touching, squeezing and splashing, children learn a lot about buoyancy. They also learn about colors and shapes through interaction with different types of bath toys. They can learn about different animals and their names. Through toys, they can also learn not to be afraid of water. 
  • Building value system – Bathtime with toys can teach your kids the importance of cleaning up and organizing. If your child is a little older you can ask them to help clean up after bathtime which will instill in them the importance of cleanliness. Through cleaning toys and draining out water they can learn organizational skills. Setting a specific time for bathing and playing will also teach them to manage time. 

Bath toys are available in a wide variety majorly depending on the age of your child. Bath time might seem more like a chore for you but for your baby it should be fun.

Following are a few types of bath toys that will keep your child entertained while you clean them from head to toe

  • Squeeze toys- These toys are made using child friendly silicone and they are soft and squishy. Through these toys your children can learn sensory skills by squeezing the toy. Some of the most famous bath toys like the rubber ducky are squeeze toys. Sometimes these toys also have an in-built whistle that will keep your child entertained. 
  • Straining and stacking cups- These toys come in sets of stackable cups. While you’re bathing your baby they strain water in the bathtub from one cup to another and this keeps them occupied. It also improves their motor skills as the child tries not to spill any water while transferring it from one cup to another. Stacking can also help them develop hand-eye coordination. 
  • Floating toys- These are some of the most popular toys and can be used for kids from a very young age. These are made using materials that float in water. One of the first bath toys to ever be made was a floating toy, a floating ship. These types of bathtub toys are the best for younger babies since they do not require advanced motor skills to be used. 
  • Squirting toys- These toys are more appropriate for toddlers who have developed motor skills to some extent since using them will require those skills . These are mostly available in different shapes that might teach your kids about animals.
  • Interactive toys-  These toys are the ones with which your kid can interact. They usually come fitted with a waterproof voice system that allows your child to play music on them. These also include activity toys like fishing or catching magnetic bobbers. These help your children master their hand-eye coordination. 
  • Bath alphabets – These are mostly made using foam or silicon that floats. Children can learn alphabets with these toys. They are suitable for toddlers above the age of 2 years. 
  • Connecting toys- These toys are usually available in geometric shapes which can be connected to make bigger shapes. These will surely keep your kids remain engaged for a long time. These can be used for children who have already developed their motor skills to a certain extent since it involves fitting shapes with each other. 

The right time to introduce bath toys 

Introducing toys in the bath for babies can be tricky. You need to keep their age in mind and then select the kind of toys you give them because they can be a safety hazard if they are not age appropriate. 

Newborns- Babies who are just born don’t need to be bathed often and they do not have any motor skills so giving toys to them at this point will be useless. Once your baby is six months old you can start introducing toys which float in the water. 

6 months and up- By the time babies are older than six months they have some head control and can manage some movement on their own. This is the best time to introduce floating toys and bubbles. At this age babies love bright and vibrant colors so you can choose toys which are colorful. 

Toddlers and older kids-  Once babies are a little older and enter the toddler stage, pretty much any toy can be used as a bath toy but keep in mind that any toy that uses batteries must not be brought into the bathtub since it might be dangerous. Some brands manufacture battery-operated toys which can be used in water, use only those in the tub. Balls, trucks, dolls etc are some of the most popular toys that can be used for this purpose. 

Bathtub toys can be beneficial for your children in multiple ways and they come at a very affordable price. Why not buy some for your children and make bathtime fun for them?

Here is a list all the best bathtub toys available for children right now:

1. Zeahan Bathtub toy

Price : $18.99


This set of baby bathtub toys includes 12 cute flashing bath toys.It has 5 light up toys, 3 squeaky toys, 3 squirting toys and a fishing net to help children fish their toys out of water. 


  • This is the perfect pool toy set for toddlers from the age of 1-3 years. 
  • The soft rubber animal bathtub squirting toys will squirt water or make a sound when squeezed.
  • The light up toys can glow in water, it can light up in the bathtub automatically. 
  • The toys have a very colorful and unique design which will help your children learn and recognize colors and improve their hand-eye coordination.


Children and parents equally love this bathtub toy set. Parents mostly did not allow their children to put the light up toys in the tub for safety reasons. One thing that really ticked the customers off was the fact that these toys are not mold free. The brand advertises them as being mold free but according to most customers they are not. There are holes in the toys in which mold can easily grow over time. Some light up toys came with dead batteries for some customers and the sad part is the batteries cannot be replaced.

The toy set is very safe for children to use while taking a bath as they are made using safe ABS and vinyl. None of the toys have sharp edges. It is advised that the children use these toys in the presence of their parents. 

Overall children really enjoyed playing with these toys and that is why parents highly recommend this set. The cute characters will surely woo your babies and the perfect size makes it easy for babies to grab them. Customers were happy with their purchase and recommend these toys for babies.

2. BOSOZOKU Bathtub toy

Price : $14.99 ~ $16.99


The package includes a cute cartoon bear design bath toy with automatic bubble blowing function. It plays 12 nursery rhymes which will keep your baby occupied while you bathe them.


  • This cute bath toy comes with strong suction cups which can be easily attached to any bathtub or surfaces like ceramic tubs, tile, and wood. 
  • The four powerful suction cups make this toy very easy to install. It does not slip or come off until you take it off. 
  • To use this toy, wipe down the wall and stick the little bear bath toy on it. Fill the container with shower gel and water and simply turn on the switch
  • The toy comes with a waterproof battery cover and water-resistant material which protects it from any damage caused by moisture in the bathroom. 


Customers who bought this toy as Christmas gifts for their children were very happy because their kids absolutely loved this toy. Some customers complained that they were sent the old version and the nozzle constantly kept falling  off. For most customers it worked wonderfully. Children love all the bubbles and the music that the toy plays. 

This bathtub toy is made using baby safe, high quality ABS plastic which is super durable. It is non-toxic, odorless and safe. The color will not fade and the toys is gentle for your baby’s sensitive skin. 

Some customers complained about the sound being too loud, so loud that their kids got scared in the beginning. Customers who have previously bought similar bubble making toys felt that this toy is the best of its kind as they never faced any trouble with bubbles formation. It makes lots of bubbles which make children very happy. Customers felt this toy would have been absolutely perfect if there were a volume control on the music. Overall the customers really love this toy and so did the children. They recommend it for all babies for a happy bath time. 

3. GOODLOGO Bathtub toy 

Price : $12.74 ~ $21.99


This bath toy for toddlers is a waterfall station toy. The figures have rotating eyes, pipe outlet, rotary gear and rotating propeller functions. 


  • The bath toy is also an excellent learning toy for kids. It helps in the development of mental and coordination abilities in kids. 
  • The toy has two strong suction cups on the back which you need to attach to the tub or smooth wall for your child to play with. 
  • The toy can be used by your child to fill it up and have fun with the spinning mechanism. 
  • For any need with assistance in setting up the toy you can call the customer service and receive guidance. 


Customers were in general very happy with this bath toy, however, they did have some complaints. They reported that the suction cups on the toy meant to stick them to a surface did not work. Some customers also said that the toy is much smaller than it looks in pictures. Customers were very happy with the safety standard of this product as it is made using durable plastic material and is BPA free. You do not need any batteries for this toy and all the parts have smooth edges so there is no fear of your child getting hurt in any way.

Overall customers really liked this bath toy since it comes with so many good features. It is bright and colorful so your kids will be able to learn about colors and the spinning mechanism will keep them entertained for a long time. They can develop their motor skills with this toy and that is the reason why parents recommend it for all the babies who are learning to handle and grab objects. It is suitable for babies aging from six months and up. 

4. Addmos Bathtub toy

Price : $19.95


This toy set is a sprinkler bath toy. The set includes two units of fun sprinklers which are battery operated. The batteries are not included in the package. 


  • To use this toy, all you need to do is put it in the bathtub. When it comes in contact with water, it will  spray it and will light up with colorful lights. 
  • The design of this toy is super cute which will immediately attract your child’s attention. 
  • This battery operated toy also plays music which your kids will find very amusing
  • It is suitable for children and babies as they will love the lights and music in the bathtub


This sprinkler toy received a lot of love from tiny tots. The customers were happy that they were able to use these for a long time and they worked just fine. Some customers felt that the screws were a little difficult to take off. The brand uses high quality ABS material and the toy has round edge design which makes sure your children do not get hurt. All the materials used are non-toxic, odorless, safe, durable and do not fade. 

Customers appreciated that the battery case is equipped with sealing silicone which ensures complete safety. Some customers were not entirely happy with the quality as they experienced the toy was not up to the durability standards.

Overall, customers who were skeptical at first said that they were pleasantly surprised by how much their kids loved this particular bathtub toy. Customers warned against putting this toy in soapy water as the soap and oils might clog the pores or ruin the batteries. This toy is highly recommended since it will help you make bathtime a lot more fun for your babies. 

5. IPIGGO Bathtub toy 

Price : $18.95 ~ $19.95


This bathtub toy is a set of 7 dinosaur bath toys. It comes with a dinosaur hoop which has a suction cup on the back to stick to a smooth surface.


  • This bathtub toy set is the perfect toy for all the kids. The dinosaur hoop with its strong suction cup sticks firmly to the wall so your child can throw these 6 colorful dinosaurs into a drawstring net. 
  • The net is foldable and easily stores all the toys inside it. 
  • These toys can float on top of the water. They also come with a built-in light which flashes in many colors. 
  • It is an ideal bath toy for kids up to 3 years.


These toys are made of high grade silicone and plastic and have no BPA, phthalates or PVC and no sharp edges which made customers happy since this implies it is very safe for their children. Children were fans of the built-in LEDs. The toys have built-in water sensors, so this bath toy will light up when it hits the water. 

Customers were very happy with the company policy that allows you to exchange the toy if it doesn’t work for you. Parents reported that their kids loved playing with these light up dinosaurs and felt that they definitely make bath time more fun. The lights are attractive and  colorful. The basket hangs easily and stays in place. The battery life in the toys holds up pretty well and lasts for a long time. These are super cute and fun toys for kids. 

Overall, these toys were really loved by all and highly recommended since they are not just entertaining but also educational. The suction cup on the basket is pretty sturdy and helps the basket stick firmly to the surface. 

6. Funsland Bathtub toys  

Price : $12.96 ~ $21.96


This bathtub toy set includes four colorful floating swimming turtles and dolphins.


  • The turtle and dolphins are bright in colors meant to draw your child’s attention. 
  • Through multiple colors of the toys your child will learn to recognise colors and even say them out loud. 
  • To use the toy, just twist the turtle or dolphin’s tummy clockwise, then let it down in the water and it will swim in the water
  • The toy does not use any batteries and is hence extremely safe for your babies.


Customers feel these floating toys are good for what they are. They keep children entertained during bath time. They are however not very durable. They tend to break pretty soon after the purchase. Parents said their kids absolutely loved these cute toys. Parents trust this brand because this toy uses eco-friendly ABS. It will not fade, is non-toxic, and harmless, making it safe for your baby. The plastic is easy to dry and so mold and mildew will not grow inside.

Some customers complained that the toys do not stay floating. They sink as soon as they stop moving and this is disappointing since each time they sink you have to fish them out of the water and drain the water that must have gone in, however, parents L liked this toy for their kids a lot since it does not use any batteries. 

Overall the popularity of this toy speaks for itself. The children love it and so do the parents. Some parents had some minor complaints about this product but that does not completely dismiss the fun these toys bring to children. According to most parents you must buy these toys for your child’s bathtub and you will surely not regret it.

7. Caravan Bathtub toys 

Price : $16.99


This toy set includes fishing toys with 40 Solid Plastic Fishes, 3 Poles with strong magnets, 2 sturdy nets, 1 Fishing pool with pump and 1 storage bag. 


  • This fishing toy set for kids is an entertaining toy and will help your child improve hand-eye coordination. They will also be able to recognise colors. 
  • This toy set can be played by many children at once. It can even be used as a kids’ pool party game. 
  • This is a magnetic toy and does not use any batteries. You can give your kids a fun time with these affordable toys. 
  • The set comes with a storage bag which makes storing the toys very easy and they can stay dry in the net. 


This multiplayer toy was loved by everyone since it literally gives you hours of fun and enjoyment. Parents were very happy since their children seemed to enjoy the toy a lot. The best thing about this toy is that it can be used by many children which means there will be no fighting. 

There are plenty of units for a group of children to have fun together in a pool. Many parents bought this toy as a gift for all the children in their family and needless to say the children went absolutely bonkers. The quality of the product is amazing and none of the parts are flimsy. This toy has absolutely everything your child could ask for. 

Overall the parents as well as the children were very happy with what they received. The toy gave the children an absolute blast. This bath toy may not be ideal for daily bath time but it is definitely something for a kids’ pool party. Buy this toy today and have fun with your kids while they socialize with their friends. 

8. SJFEEVOR Bathtub toys

Price : $19.99


This bathtub toy set includes 44 pieces of waterfall bath toys. The toys are all  bright colored for children. It has 20 tracks or joints, 2 rotating wheels, 13 suction cups, 3 balls, 3 pills, 2 rubber ducks and 1 leaking scoop.


  • To use this toy all your baby needs to do is join the tracks whichever way they’d like and  pour water on the tracks to make the wheels spin. 
  • They can also make the balls & pills on the track roll with water. 
  • This toy is suitable to be used by toddlers aging 3-4 years and up. 
  • It can be used as a great educational construction toy set to develop their imagination and motor skills. 


Kids absolutely loved this bathtub toy since it is so versatile and there are so many ways to use it. Some parents complained that the suction cups did not stick to the surface as well as they should have which was really frustrating as it kept coming off. The plastic doesn’t seem very durable either. Since this is a building toy, it can be used outside of the bath too. 

It will help your children improve their cognitive and motor skills since children need to figure out on their own how to construct or connect the tracks. Parents said that they really liked the constructive value of the toy but felt that it might be a little difficult for younger children to use this toy. 

Overall the parents were happy with the somewhat good quality of the product. What really made this product popular was the versatility with which it can be used. All the components connect and function very well and the customers did not face any major issues with this bathtub toy set. 

9. Meryi Bathtub toy

Price : $19.99


The bathtub toy is a penguin which plays music. Your kids can feed water to the penguin and it will play music and light up LED lights to entertain them. 


  • The bathtub toy will help in the development of your child’s cognitive and coordination abilities.
  • The toy is very easy to install. Put 2 AAA batteries into the big penguin, then fill some water in it or dip the penguin in the water.
  • It is suitable for children aging from 1-4 years. 
  • This toy is extremely safe to be used in the bathtub even though it uses batteries. 


This toy received a lot of love from the children as well as the parents. The penguin will keep your children occupied for hours. Parents loved that the toy plays music and flashes beautiful lights. These floating bath toys are made of durable materials, BPA free, non-toxic and are environment-friendly. The battery box has a waterproof rubber ring, and using AAA batteries is also a safe option. 

Parents said that their children absolutely loved this toy. 

Some parents faced issues with the battery since that area needs to be kept dry but it is difficult to do that. The cap that covers it is not waterproof and this makes the design flawed. 

Overall, the parents really enjoyed watching their kids play with this toy since the kids seemed so entertained by it. It’s cute and keeps the kids entertained. Without the batteries the toy does not seem to interest kids much and the parents felt that the battery compartment flaw must be fixed for this  product to become the ultimate bathtub toy. 

 10. B Toys by Battat Bathtub toy 

Price : $21.94 ~ $24.99


This bathtub toy set for babies includes an owl sifter cup and a dump truck. The truck is detachable and the wheels can turn and the container can be tilted to entertain kids.  


  • This cute bathtub toy set is suitable to be used in sand and water both indoors and outdoors.
  • The parts of this toy are completely safe to be used by children and do not have any sharp edges which might hurt children 
  • The bright and colorful toys in this set will surely grab your baby’s attention and will keep them occupied when you bathe them. 
  • Since this toy can be worked using water, it will improve the motor skills of your child. 


Customers claimed their children absolutely loved this vibrantly colored cute toy and did not want to leave the bath because they were too busy playing with it. Customers said that the toy doesn’t completely float on water and since there are no suction cups on it, there is no space to keep it anywhere and you have to keep holding it which is a great inconvenience for parents. 

Children really like the truck but the absence of suction cups makes it very difficult to use the toy in the bath. Some customers said that the brand promises the toy can be used in both sand and water but it can’t be. Customers were not impressed with the fact that this toy cannot be used on the beach and felt this should be worked out. 

Customers like this toy and suggest that it can be bought for playing in the bathtub while you bathe your baby but since the toy cannot be held up and it doesn’t float either, children might lose interest in it very quickly. The affordable price makes this toy worth a shot. 


1. How to wash and maintain baby bathtub toys?

If not cleaned properly bath toys can be very harmful for kids.  Following are some ways in which you can wash the toys and keep them mold free:

Bleach- Using diluted bleach to wash bath toys is one of the best ways to do it. Mixing bleach and water in the ratio of 1:10 is the perfect proportion. Make sure you rinse the toys thoroughly after cleaning them with bleach. Drain all the toys thoroughly to avoid the bleach coming in contact with your baby. 

Vinegar- With bleach, the toys might get discolored and it might be dangerous for children too. If you’re not on board with that you can use vinegar instead of bleach in the same proportion with water and clean the toys out in the same manner. Vinegar is not as effective as bleach but it is definitely a safer option. 

Dishwasher- If you’re a busy parent who doesn’t have the time to soak toys in a solution and rinse them out, you can always drop your children’s bath toys in the top rack of the dishwasher and run it on a hot cycle. Make sure you check with the manufacturer of the toys first whether they can be washed in the dishwasher. 

Boiling water-  This is another very useful and very easy method of washing bath toys and getting rid of filth that might be growing in them. Simply boil the toys in a hot water pan and use tongs to pull them out. Dry them and cool them down completely before handing them over to your children. 

Disinfectant wipes- You can also simply wipe the toys with disinfectant wipes if they are not too dirty. This does not ensure that the toys are completely clean since there might be some places on the toy where the wipe can’t reach. This should be the last choice of cleaning since it is the least effective. 

2. Why does my kid need bath toys?

Giving bath toys to your children might look like something over the top and completely unnecessary but trust us, it has its own benefits. When you give your child bath toys you will notice the following changes in their behavior:

  • They will look forward to bath time which they mostly avoided earlier. 
  • They will learn the value of organization and cleanliness once they are in the toddler stage and they observe you cleaning and organizing their bath toys. 
  • They will improve their motor skills since handling toys in the water can be a little difficult. This challenge will push them to do better. 
  • Toys will allow your child to understand the concept of floatation and will trigger their cognitive sense and abilities. 

3. What are some tips I can follow to allow my child to play with bath toys safely?

Bath toys are always a good idea and will most certainly give you positive results. However, you must keep certain things in mind when yo u’re introducing bath toys in your baby’s bath tub. Following are some tips you can follow which will keep your baby safe and give you both an enjoyable experience:

  • Wash the babies’  toys after each use to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold. 
  • Change the toys every few months
  • Do not buy very small toys for babies as they might be a choking hazard
  • Buy toys which can float on water and will always remain in  your sight
  • Do not give your babies toys which they might hurt themselves with 
  • Preferably buy silicone toys. They are soft and will not hurt your baby’s hands or skin

Bath toys have the unique ability to add fun to an otherwise daunting task. Most babies become cranky and fussy the moment they find out it is time for them to take a bath. This especially happens when it is cold outside but we are sure you are aware of the importance of giving your babies a nice bath. A nice hot bath keeps all skin infections at bay and helps your child sleep well which again is very important for their good health. The importance of a bath cannot be stressed enough. Bath toys will help you execute this task every other day with absolute ease. When your child knows that they will be given bright and beautiful toys they like to play with once they get in the bathtub, they will never be fussy about it, in fact, they will look forward to it. All children ever want to do is play. Give them this opportunity when they are bathing and forget about the crying and screaming.  

Bath toys must be the first choice of every parent when it comes to buying essentials for your children. It not only gives your child a happy experience but also buys you a lot of quality time with them which parents rarely get to enjoy these days. Buy the bath toys from our list and make the best memories as a parent. Give your child the opportunity to grow and learn as they bathe. Let us know in the comments the toys you chose from our list for your children to make a ton of unforgettable memories with. 

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