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10 Best Foldable Travel Bag In 2022

by Evelyn Smith

There’s rarely a soul in this whole universe who isn’t fascinated by the beauty of our magnificent planet. Be it an abundant rainforest or giant architectural wonders. All of us like to travel all around the world and try to explore as much as we can in this little time we have on this earth. Traveling is a rejuvenating experience that can change your entire perspective about life. It is life-altering and enlightening because it leaves you speechless with wonder and then turns you into a storyteller. Traveling fills your life with marvelous experiences and gives you a new mindset. 

Whether you travel with your friends or family or like to go on solo trips, every single trip has some amazing things to offer you. In the ancient era, Roman and Greeks traveled a lot and covered vast areas of land on foot. They took vacations in their luxurious villas which were in cities like Pompeii and Baiae. People have loved traveling ever since the cognitive revolution of human beings. As traveling became more and more popular it became a little cheaper too. There were a ton of products invented to ease your trips and allow you to travel safely along with all the essential items you might need on the journey. Travel bags are one such accessory that can’t be overlooked when you talk about traveling. 

Travel bags are basically portable rectangular containers for carrying clothes and other essential items you will need while you’re away from home for some time. With time the regular travel received a major update- it became foldable. A foldable travel bag is always an important requirement for any traveler. Planning for travel begins and ends with a travel bag. With a foldable travel bag, you have all your items with you when you’re out. To fit the most recent trends, foldable travel bags are now available with every feature you can think of. First wheeled luggage came around not so long ago. In 1972 the first wheeled luggage was patented by Bernard Sardow who got the idea of rolling foldable luggage when he noticed passengers struggling with heavy baggage. Thanks to him, we all have a convenient experience while traveling no matter how much stuff we have with us. 

Travel bags are an interesting invention that kept getting better and better for all of us. Here are some interesting facts about travel bags that will pique your interest in them: 

• Four-wheel trolley cases are considered the best travel bags by baggage handlers as they are the easiest to move around. 

• The world’s lightest commercially available suitcase weighs just 3.4lbs. • An average traveler will pack an additional 25 items in the suitcase for a week’s vacation. 

• Duffle bag which is the most durable travel accessory, is actually named after a Belgian town because they came into existence there.

Considering the times we are living in, there is nothing you can’t find to make your life better and easier. Foldable travel bags are also those things that make our journey smooth. You are supposed to enjoy the entire time when you are on vacation and a travel bag by assisting you ensures that you do exactly that. Following are a few types of travel bags that can be used for different purposes: 

• Tote bags:

These bags are large unfastened bags with handles on either side. Usually, they have a single compartment for your items but a travel tote has a smaller section that will keep your precious belongings safe. These are perfect as carry-ons where you can keep your wallet, keys, mobile phone, etc handy. 

• Duffle bags:

These are cylindrical canvas bags that usually close with a drawstring or zipper. They are carried over your shoulder and were initially meant for military men and for sportsmen but now they are a highly popular foldable travel bag.

• Rolling bags:

These bags have two wheels on the base which allow you to literally roll your bag around across the floor. They are very convenient to travel with as you don’t have to bear the weight. They were initially small and were used as carry-ons but now they come in the largest and the smallest size you can imagine. 

• Travel backpacks:

These bags are exceptionally well made and are perfect for people who travel for adventure. You can carry this type of travel bag on your back. They come with a number of compartments so you can keep your stuff in designated pockets.

• Garment bags:

These bags are used to ease transporting suits and jackets that are ironed and are on hangers. They protect clothes from dust and dirt and keep them wrinkle-free. They are made with flexible material and are foldable. 

The various types of travel bags make your entire experience a happy one. It is essential for your bag to fit your purpose. The main objective why you’re choosing a certain travel bag should be fulfilled by the one you buy. Do you need a big sturdy bag? Or a small but cute one? To fully understand your needs and requirements from a foldable travel bag you need to know what goes into making it.

Following is a list of types of materials used to make foldable travel bags: 


Short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a mix of three materials. It is used to make hard side bags. These are suitable for long travel and rough usage. If you get this bag, bear in mind that it will be quite heavy. 

• Leather

This is one of the oldest materials used to make bags. It is durable and is popularly used to make small travel handbags. 

• Canvas

It is an inexpensive material that is lightweight and looks like rough woven cotton material. These bags are the most affordable type and are easy to clean. They are mostly available in lighter colours which tend to look dirty pretty soon. 

• Nylon

This is a synthetic material and there are many variations of this type of cloth used to make bags. Some of them are ripstop nylon, ballistic nylon, and nylon packcloth. All vary in functions and durability. A foldable travel bag sounds like an item you can only use while traveling but do you really believe that a bag that makes every day so easy for you while traveling should be pulled out of your basement only once a year when you finally decide to take that long-awaited trip?

A foldable travel bag can be used for multiple reasons: 

• Use it for what it’s meant- travel. Pack all your essentials in your favorite travel bag and travel the whole world with it. 

• Use it as a sports bag when you go for running and you need to keep your water bottle, sneakers or basketball. 

• Use it as a gym bag and store all the accessories you need at a gym in your travel bag. Don’t buy another bag just to go to the gym when your travel bag is sitting in your closet.

• Use it as a storage bag at home. All of us have lots and lots of stuff at home. Use your travel bag to store some of that stuff away; save space in your home and clear the clutter away. 

• Use it as a headrest when you’re traveling as you might want to lay down your head for a bit. 

• Use it as a changing pad for your baby when you’re out and just can’t find any changing table for babies. 

So, there you have it all the good things a foldable travel bag will give you when you travel and when you’re at home too. It is not a mere sidekick but one of the main characters in your travel stories. Invest in a foldable travel bag and store all your travel paraphernalia without having to worry about misplacing anything. 

Check out the following list of the most accommodating foldable travel bags and choose the one that fits your needs the best: 

1. Canway Travel Duffle bag 

Price: $29.99 ~ $39.99


This travel bag by Canway is made of 600 D polyester fabric which is made to last. It is waterproof and tear-resistant. The zippers are snag-free and are made of premium metal. 


This bag can be used for any trip. Since it is a duffle bag it can be used as a sports bag or as a gym bag to store your accessories. There’s a show pocket in the bag too where you can keep your sneakers for the gym. 


There are 3 variants of this bag in terms of capacity- 65L, 85L, and 115 L. All the variants have ample room for your stuff. There is one main spacious compartment and six separate pockets to keep things organised even for a long trip. 


Customers love how this bag folds into itself and has a ton of compartments to keep your stuff in designated areas. The sizing of this bag is great. Buyers claimed that even the smallest size was huge enough to pack all essentials along with clothes without having to forcefully stuff them. The shoe pocket was another feature that was thought of as quite innovative. The bag comes with a two-year warranty and you can return it too if you don’t like it but there is a huge chance that’s never going to happen. It is pretty lightweight for such a well-made bag. Customers who were not looking to spend an outrageous amount on a bag but also didn’t want to compromise on the quality said that they got a steal deal with this bag. This affordable bag will be there to assist you whenever you need it. 


This highly flexible and sturdy bag is recommended by all its users. They stand by this brand and are happy to inform prospective buyers that the bag will deliver and will never fail its customers. Positive reviews and great quality were the grounds of high recommendation of this foldable travel bag. 

2. Gonex Foldable Travel Bag 

Price: $44.91


This travel duffle bag is made of high-quality durable material which is Honeycomb 210D nylon fabric. It is water repellent and water-resistant. The bag has reinforced stress points which will ensure that the bag always has your back. The zippers glide smoothly and are made of premium materials. 


This large duffle bag will be perfect for a long trip. You can also use it to store dirty laundry at home. You can also use this bag as an airport carry on when you travel via plane. 


This duffle bag comes in two variants- 100L, and 150L. Both the variants are quite big. It has an internal end pouch and shoe compartment and many pockets. 


This large foldable travel duffle bag received many positive reviews for its exceptional design and spacious structure. The workmanship was praised by buyers who have been using this bag for a long time. The adjustable and removable shoulder straps make it very easy for you to handle and carry it on long journeys. Customers said that this bag is light and strong and has plenty of straps and pockets for storage. The sizes of both the variants of this bag are quite big so you might want to take this for long trips when you have lots of stuff with you. The fabric is thin but it is a sturdy one. It makes the bag lightweight yet great quality. The bag comes packed neatly in a small cube and it is recommended when you store the bag away after usage you store it in the same foldable cube form. Customers had absolutely no complaints about this bag and felt that this was a great buy. 


This bag is recommended by users for its excellent durability and the fact that it folds up into a small cube. Since it is very easy to store away and to use when needed this bag is recommended by users. 

3. Suyzufly Foldable Travel Sling Bag 

Price: $12.99


This extremely lightweight foldable sling bag is made of 100% nylon. The zippers are made of good quality metal and plastic. The side pockets are made of tear-free mesh. The materials are soft and washable. It is water and tear-resistant. 


This stylish sling bag can be used by both men and women. Use it as a carry on while traveling and keep all your essential items handy. This sling bag can be strung on your shoulder on one side or can be secured on your back. You can use this bag to carry along on your hiking or cycling trip. 


This foldable bag measures 7.4 x 4.7 x 16.5 inches and can store all your essential items like wallet, mobile phone, water bottle, umbrella, iPad, earphones, credit cards, etc. 


This foldable sling bag folds into a 5- inch square. Some customers felt that the fabric is pretty stiff and because of that, it is a struggle to put the bag inside its pouch. Customers liked that the strap to carry this bag is broader on the shoulder which makes it very easy to carry for a long time especially when you’re cycling. It was called an affordable, functional, and decent sling bag by its users. This bag is water repellent and customers were happy with that feature as it really seems to work. If you’re carrying your books and a water bottle in this bag you’d want to store both of these items in separate sections. In case the water from your bottle spills your books will be safe. This bag looks pretty sturdy and the customers who purchased it have been using it for various purposes and were very pleased with the deal they got. 


This is a bag that is recommended for almost anyone and everyone. It is lightweight, durable, and can be used for short trips by men, women, and children. What’s not to like? Buy this bag today and organize your stuff for that awesome trip. 

4. Lucas Convertible Travel Bag 

Price: $89.99 ~ $95.99


This convertible rolling bag is made of 100% nylon on the exterior as well as the interior. The fabric is soft but sturdy. The tablet compartment is padded for cushioning to avoid any damage to your expensive electronics. 


This foldable bag is actually a multipurpose one. It has been tested for placing in overhead cabins for most airlines so it can be used as a carry-on. It can be used as a weekend bag, overnight bag, or hospital bag. 


This lightweight bag measures 15 X 8 X 22 inches and can carry all your essentials for a short trip in it easily without stuffing. 


Customers love this bag for the awesome wheels it has. The rolling is very easy with this foldable bag; however, you need to be careful because many buyers said that it tends to go off balance if it is turned too sharply while rolling. The bag fits very well under the airplane seats as promised by the brand. The length of the handle is extendable and it is fit for tall and short people. Customers said that the price they paid for this bag seemed to be worth the quality of the bag. This bag is not just a travel bag but it can be used for various purposes as mentioned in the features. Buyers who carry a lot of documents or other work stuff with them while commuting loved this product and have been using it as a work bag for a long time without any issues with the quality and performance. 


People recommend this bag based on the performance it delivers. They love this bag for the smooth wheels it has. To make traveling and other chores easier customers highly recommend this rightly priced foldable travel bag. 

5. ZOMAKE Foldable Travel Bag 

Price: $14.44 ~ $24.99


This durable backpack-style foldable travel bag is made with a thick and sturdy material that is water-resistant. It is also abrasion-resistant. The zippers are made with SBS metal and there’s strengthened stitching which helps keep your stuff safe in the bag. 


This foldable travel backpack is the perfect companion for adventure trips like hiking, camping, trekking, etc. It can be used by any travel enthusiast who needs their stuff handy with them. 


This bag has a capacity of 20L and has ample room to keep your daily needs with you on your back. It has mesh pockets on either side and a small zipper compartment on the front. 


This packable and lightweight bag is resilient in nature and will be there to assist all your traveling needs. The structure of this bag is elongated which makes it comfortable to be carried without straining your back. Customers loved the thoughtful design which offers two mesh pockets and a small zipper on the front. The mesh pockets can easily hold water bottles and the zipper can hold essentials that you always need very quickly like your wallet, keys or your phone. Buyers were very happy with this bag because they were easily able to store a lot of stuff in it without cramming things up. As claimed by most customers, this foldable travel backpack is a very lightweight bag and a great thing to have when traveling. This back can be packed to the size of a sandwich and stored inside your suitcase when you’re done hiking. It can be used in all seasons and is perfectly sized. 


It is highly recommended for the amazing zippers which do not get stuck and the ample storage space this bag offers. Customers recommend this bag to anyone looking for a convenient yet affordable and foldable travel bag that is good in quality. 

6. Balein Foldable Travel bag 

Price: $19.99 ~ $29.99


This tote bag which is an actual shopping bag can be used as a foldable travel bag. It is made with 900D oxford fabric. The material is PVC coated which makes the bag waterproof. It can be cleaned using a wet cloth. 


This is a multipurpose bag that can be used for almost anything. It can be used as a gym bag, shopping bag, sports bag, diaper bag, beach bag, laundry bag, grocery bag, and whatnot. 


It measures about 17.7”x9.8”x11.8” inches. The bag does not have any closure but it comes with an inner zippered pocket where you can keep your valuables safe. 


Customers loved how big this bag actually is. It can store literally everything you can think of. The many uses make this bag an extremely versatile choice. It can be the perfect gift for your female friends this Christmas. Since this is a tote bag it does not have any closure and stays firmly open so you always have easy access to your phone and any other essentials you might quickly want to pull out. The colour options are very pretty and the handles are sturdy. They can be worn over your shoulder and will hold all your stuff without the risk of spilling out. There are mesh pockets on both sides where you can store water or milk bottles. This bag works perfectly as a carry-on as it fits easily under your seat or in the overhead cabin; provides room for all the essentials you might need while on a flight. 


This bag was highly recommended by female customers as it resembles a general female handbag. It is very easy to store stuff inside it without hassle. Buy this Foldable travel bag as a gift for all the lovely women in your friend circle and for all the females in your family for Christmas. 

7. Narwey Foldable Travel Bag 

Price: $13.99


This foldable bag is made with very sturdy and reliable polyester. The straps on the bag are reliable and the best thing about the bag is that it comes with an extra pair of shoulder straps. 


This foldable bag is majorly used for traveling but since it is a versatile piece it can be used for many other things like shopping, weekend trips, overnight stays, etc.


This massive bag has a capacity of 30L. It has a small zippered pocket on the front to keep your essentials safe and within reach. 


This bag made all of its customers very happy. It has all the features a great travel bag is supposed to have. It takes up a little space when you put it under your airplane seat but it is absolutely worth it. The fabric feels soft and it is brushed. Its folded size is pretty compact, enough to fit in a woman’s purse. Buyers said that they love how durable this bag is. Frequent travelers also admired the rugged fabric this bag is made of and the smooth zippers too. Many customers said that after their first purchase of this bag they were so delighted that they bought multiple pieces for their friends and family as Christmas gifts.


This bag is recommended by users who have been using it for heavy-duty purposes. The usage of the bag is tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun. It is highly recommended if you’re looking for a spacious yet foldable bag.  

8. REDCAMP Foldable duffle bags 

Price: $52.99 ~ $73.99


This foldable bag is made of high-density waterproof PVC Oxford and 2010 D polyester. It is tear-resistant and waterproof. Webbing in high-stress areas ensures amazing quality


This bag with wheels can be used as a gym bag, a laundry bag, a beach bag, a shopping bag, and a travel bag


It is a roomy bag and has a capacity of 85 L. Since it has wheels, you can store all your heavy items in it without having to worry about carrying the load


This large capacity bag is easy to handle with a lot of stuff and is super lightweight. It rolls up into a small bag and hardly takes up any space. Some customers felt that this bag could have been given a spine so that it could stand upright but since it is soft it tends to flop down. Customers love the fact that this bag had ample space and was big enough to store enough items for a 10 days vacation. The wheels run very smoothly and make it very easy for you to carry this big bag through the airport. The zipper on this bag was not loved too much because it doesn’t glide as smoothly as the ones on other bags do.

Buyers said that the description of the bag matches the material that they get. It has a lot of space inside. The straps on this bag are very sturdy and you can carry the bag easily even if it is fully loaded


This bag is recommended for people who go on long trips frequently and need to carry a lot of stuff with them but cannot because of the weight. It’s a great Christmas gift choice for elderly people since it’ll make it very easy for them to roll it around the airport with all of their stuff without having to bear the load with their tired and weak bodies.

9. Modoker convertible travel bag

Price: $43.99 ~ $69.99


This sturdy bag is made of high-quality polyester fibre and jacquard. It is scratch-resistant, anti-tear, and waterproof. The shoulder straps on this bag are detachable and adjustable so that the bag can be carried comfortably. 


This two-in-one bag can be used as a duffle bag and a garment bag. Use it for your short business trips and remain organized.


The capacity of this bag is 45L. It has a pocket on the left side and a shoe pouch. The pocket on the right side is designed to hold a passport, keys, wallet, and other small essential personal items. 


Customers used this garment bag to hold their suits and were glad that they chose this bag. It’s easy to zip up and the material is durable. The handles are secure and since it has a ton of pockets you need not worry about sorting your things while packing. It fits easily in the overhead compartment as well as under the seats. According to most customers it is well built, functional, and stylish. This bag will be your perfect companion while you travel all around for work and fun. It will keep your suits and jackets wrinkle-free and will assist you in looking sharp on all occasions. 


Customers highly recommend this bag for everyone who wears suits and needs to keep their clothes intact and wrinkle-free while transporting them. This bag will be a great gift for anyone who is getting married soon. It will also make a great Christmas gift for your friends who are starting their careers and will be going on several interviews soon. Gift them this garment bag and watch how their faces light up after receiving such a thoughtful gift.

10. Bagtopia Foldable Travel bag

Price: $11.99


This soft bag is made of 100% nylon. It is available in seven bright colours. The fabric is water repellant. The zippers glide smoothly. The strap is adjustable and is broad enough for a comfortable grip


This bag is suitable for both men and women. Carry your essentials in it when you go to work or travel or go to the gym or yoga class. 


This super stylish bag measures 12.2″ x 4.3″ x 8.7″ and has one main zipper compartment, one inner zipper compartment, and two side elastic pockets. 


Customers were happy with this foldable bag’s size as it is better than the huge ones which you have to lug around all the time even if you’re not carrying a lot of stuff inside it. The design of this bag was another thing loved by users. The zippers provide a lot of convenience in the storage of small items which usually tend to get buried between or under your clothes and other items. It is very lightweight and easy to carry after being folded. Some customers felt that the size of the water bottle pockets could have been bigger since they fail to fit even a regular-sized water bottle


Buyers recommend this bag for people who always move around for work with some or the other items for their presentation. It is a great teacher bag, you can put all your school supplies in it. It is also a great bag for kids when you go on trips with them. It is highly recommended for day trips. If you like packing light then this bag is a must-have for you because it practically weighs nothing and has plenty of storage space for all your essential items. 


1. What makes a travel bag your best companion while traveling?

There are many variants of a basic traveling bag but the foldable one will feel like a great assistant to you. Following are the many benefits you can reap if you decide to buy a foldable travel bag:

  • It is perfectly sized
  • You can go on an entire trip with just one bag because it provides enough space for one person’s essentials. 
  • Once you are done using it you can pack it into its compact size and protect it from wear and tear.
  • It is very durable and lightweight
  • It has lots of compartments for organized storage
  • It looks stylish and is affordable

2. What are some useful tips for maintaining a foldable travel bag?

To keep using your foldable bag for ages follow these tips and keep it new for years and years:

  • Don’t overpack it
  • Wash it after every 2-3 trips
  • Preferably wash it by hand
  • Do not fold it up and pack it before it has completely dried.
  • Hang it upside down when drying
  • Check your bag for any stuff left behind before storing it away after usage
  • Store it in a dry place 

If you’ve reached this point in the article, please be proud of yourself because now you know everything about foldable travel bags that a person can find out after reading just one article. Travel bags as you read earlier are not just meant for the purpose of travel. They assist us in many other ways and provide us with the comfort of organization. Buy one foldable travel bag and you will literally be able to use it almost everywhere be it the gym, your dance class, sports, hospital, beach, weekend, overnight. The trip may be long or short but a foldable travel bag will always have your back. 

With a great foldable travel bag, you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy or the shoulder straps coming off while you’re speeding through the airport, or even the zippers not working when you need them the most. Choose any foldable travel bag from our list furnished above and board the flight to the land of adventure. Let us know in the comments which lucky bag you chose for your journeys.

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