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10 Best Dinner Sets In 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Top 10 Dinner Sets In 2021

The holidays are fast approaching and the first thing that comes to mind when one talks about holidays is the lip-smacking aroma of all the delicious and scrumptious meals that you get to have during this time of the year. The savory stuffing inside the perfectly roasted turkey, the creamy and buttery-smooth mashed potatoes, the spicy yet subtle gravy, cranberry sauce and all the flavorful dishes you can think of are what every American looks forward to when the holidays are approaching. Nothing is better than sitting around the dining table with your family and friends and feasting on these mouthwatering age-old recipes. When your folks come over for holidays, they notice how beautifully you’ve decorated your Christmas tree and the house too. They also feel the warmth you show them by inviting them, what they also notice is the food you’re serving them and the dinnerware you’re serving that food in. 

You might think that these fancy dinnerware sets are not something that must have been around for our ancestors to have a fine dining experience but you are in the wrong if that’s what you believe. There’s been substantial evidence found about cavemen that they used basic objects as implements of eating. The oldest utensil that came into usage was a simple spoon. From using seashells and hollow stones to scoop up food the journey to fancy dinner sets has been a long but interesting one. As food started to become an important part of our lives, it also gained popularity among the rich. Luxurious and exotic food items were served in equally expensive and artistic dinner sets. The materials used in making these dainty and delicate dinner sets were imported from distant lands and artists were hired to design and make them. 

Silver was one such material that was first used to make dinnerware and soon it was everywhere. Every other household had these beautifully designed dinner sets. Much of early dinnerware in America came from Europe and it was imported later on but imported dinnerware was very expensive and so America decided to begin manufacturing its own dinnerware. It started with basic dinner set items like tureens, chamber pots etc. and from there it was only up and up. A wider range of materials is used now to make dinner sets of varying durability and purpose. 

The type of material determines the durability of the set and the price of the set. If you’re a creative person and love tablescaping, you should probably opt for multiple options and experiment with different types of materials. Choose what compliments your dining table best and use that one for all the special guests you’ll be having over for the holidays.

Following list explores those materials with which these dainty and gorgeous dinner sets are made:

  • Bone china- This material is basically porcelain that comprises bone ash. The ash used is made from animal bones. The soft colour bone china has is famous because it comes from cow bone ash. The dinner sets made with bone china are very delicate looking and translucent. They do not chip easily. Most of the modern bone china dinner sets are microwave safe. They are beautifully designed and are very lightweight.  
  • Porcelain- It is a ceramic material which is translucent and has a fine-grained texture. It is more expensive than bone china because it is truly artistic. The delicate edges and fine sculpting of the porcelain dinner sets make them stand out. It is incredibly difficult to make these exquisite dinner sets and that is why they are expensive. 
  • Stoneware- Although it sounds like the dinner sets made of this material would be sturdier since the name has the word ‘stone’ in it, that is not the truth. Stoneware dinner sets are heavier in weight due to their chip-resistant material but they are not nearly as durable as fine china and bone china. Extra care must be taken while using stoneware dinner sets. 
  • Earthenware- These dinner sets are generally cheaper. They are made using white porous clay which is fired at low temperature and then glazed. It is a good choice for everyday usage but not something you’d want to use for a special occasion. 
  • Ceramic- The dinnerware made with this material is durable and is very popular. The designer dinner sets you see every so often on websites are none other than ceramic dinner sets. The main reason why ceramic is a popular dinner set material is that it’s durable. Hand-painted ceramic dinner sets make a great part of traditional home décor. 
  • Glass- These dinner sets are delicate and have self-designed patterns. If the set is made of tempered glass, then it is extremely strong, microwave and dishwasher safe. They are thinner than stoneware and are lighter in weight too. 
  • Melamine- It is an organic-based material used for making dinnerware. It is a pretty sturdy and shatterproof material. Most melamine utensils are microwave safe. This is the most durable and practical material for dinner sets. It is great for daily use. 

No matter what material your dinner set is made of, it should always compliment your food and your dining table. Each piece of a dinner set has a specific function to perform. There is always an option to customize your dinner set according to the number and type of pieces you need.

Let’s find out what all pieces are included in a dinner set and what are they used for:

  • Dinner plate– A large plate used for main courses during dinner. It usually measures 10 to 12 inches across and has enough room for all your food items. 
  • Salad plate- This place is about 7-8 inches and is mainly used to serve salad and or starters. 
  • Side plate- This plate is smaller than a salad plate and can be used to keep bread. It can also be used as a small plate to put extra food on. 
  • Bowl– These are used to serve soups or gravy. For daily usage, you can also use them to have milk and cereal. 
  • Rice bowl- This bowl is smaller than a regular bowl and is chiefly used to serve rice. 
  • Pasta bowl– This bowl is large and is used for the main course like pasta. It can also be used for other food items made with sauces and gravy. 
  • Serving dish- This dish is used to serve main course meals and is a must-have in your dinner set if you often host dinners at your house for a large number of guests. 
  • Mug- They are generally not included in regular dinner sets but if you have a thing for matching crockery, get mugs with your dinner set for tea time. 

Dinner sets are a beautiful way to express your respect and admiration, a way to say to your guests that they are welcome in your house and among your family. Inviting someone to your home to dine with them is an intimate affair and people feel great when you express your feelings through such grand gestures. The holiday season is upon us all and what better gift could you possibly think of than a dinner set. Gifting a dinner set is a useful and the most appropriate option because all we do during holidays is have great food. Give the opportunity to your family and friends to experience your taste in exquisite dinnerware and let them feast on not just the food but the beautiful implements you gift them too. A dinner set is a great gift for any important occasion in your family or friends’ lives. A new couple could really use a dinner set as their wedding gift. If your friend has moved into a new home, a dinner set for them would make a great housewarming gift. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hannukah are all about delicious food, gifting a dinner set during these occasions will be a very thoughtful choice.

Following is a list of the daintiest, most artistic and gorgeous dinner sets which you can buy for your own guests to serve delicious food to them or you can give them away as gifts, either way, to arrive at a decision you will need to check.

This list to buy the best dinner sets of 2021:

1. EuroCeramica Zanzibar Dinner set

Price: $129.90 ~ $149.90


This beautiful dinner set is made of ceramic. The color combinations are absolutely brilliant. The material of this dinner set is easy to care for. It is a high-quality ceramic that can be used in the microwave. The dinner set can also be washed in the dishwasher. The general shape of all the items in this set is round and the surface is glossy and smooth.


Since this dinner set is pretty sturdy and is made of ceramic it can be used for daily dinners and lunches. If you feel it is too fancy or the pattern is too pretty to be used daily then use it for your special guests.


This dinner set includes four 9-inch dinner plates, four 7 -inch salad plates, four all-purpose bowls, and four mugs. 


This gorgeous ceramic dinner set was loved by most of its customers. It is chip-free and microwave safe which makes it a versatile choice. The dinner set is absolutely gorgeous and will impress your guests with its dainty pattern. The colors on this dinner set are bright and vibrant and will complement your food. The dinner set can be cleaned very easily with a sponge. Customers were very happy with this dinner set. They received a ton of compliments from their guests. The set itself is pretty sturdy and will last for many years if you take great care of it. 

The paint and the gloss on the surface of the dishes and plates do not fade or come off at all.  Although this set is dishwasher safe, customers recommended that it should be washed by hand to maintain the gloss and keep the set chip-free. Some users who received this dinner set as a gift were very happy and said that the product performs excellently and is reasonably priced. Overall, this dinner set is highly recommended by users looking for ceramic dinner sets.

2. Gibson melamine Dinner set 

Price: $29.99


This cute-looking dinner set is made of melamine which means it is practically unbreakable. Made out of the sturdiest of materials, this dinner set is pretty easy to take care of. It is break-resistant, chip-resistant, and scratch-resistant, provided you use a soft sponge to wash it. 


Since this dinner set is made of melamine it can be used on a daily basis especially by families that have young kids and pets, your dishes are at a high risk of breakage. This melamine dinner set will last for a long time in your house. It is also a great gift choice because it comes in so many cute colors and prints. 


This sturdy set of dishes and plates includes four 10.5- inch dinner plates, four 8-inch salad plates, and four 6-inch bowls. 


This festive color-themed dinner set is very popular because it is sturdy and the customers trust this brand. The dishes are lightweight and the plates are large enough and match the description measurements. Customers tagged this dinner set as “perfect, cheerful and with a nice texture that suggests hand-thrown pottery”. Since it is a melamine dinner set, it is recommended not to use knives on it. You can use blunt butter knives but not the sharp ones to cut meat. That’s probably the only drawback you will find with this dinner set. As mentioned above, this dinner set is perfect to be used by a house of naughty toddlers and active pets.  

Even if you drop the plates or dishes in this dinner set, they are highly unlikely to break or even get scratches. Since it is lightweight it can be a great gift for your elderly parents or grandparents living by themselves. It will be very easy for them to manage this dinner set because of how lightweight it is. 

3. Melacasa Porcelain Dinner Set

Price: $54.99 ~ $125.99


This minimalist design dinner set is made of high-quality porcelain. It is free of any toxic materials like lead and cadmium so you won’t have to worry about them leeching into your food. The material is sturdy enough to be washed in a dishwasher and is microwave safe too. You can also put these utensils in the freezer.


It can be used by almost any family. The porcelain with which this set is made gives it a lot of sturdiness. Use it as a gift for your friend’s housewarming party or buy it for your own house, works well either way. 


This set comes in various combinations where you can choose the set from suitable for two people to suitable for an entire extended family. Customize this dinner set per your requirements. 


This simple and elegant dinner set was loved by users for its design and sturdiness. The square design of the dinner plates helps you accommodate more food on your plate. The bowls are designed with a lip so that it is easier to carry them and also so they can be used as lids for hot soup. They also avoid any accidental spills or drips. Since it is an all-white set, you can easily accessorize it with other crockery items that you already have or you can buy plain new ones to match with the set. It can be used for family dinners because it is elegant and also can be used for hosting because it is very well made. 

Some customers felt that the bowls could have used a little more depth, they seem too shallow at times for soup and gravy. This dinner set is a great gift because it can be used to serve any food or beverage you can imagine. 

4. VEWEET Porcelain Dinner set

Price: $137 .99 ~ $139.99


This is a mind-blowing dinner set made of porcelain. The elegant white and smooth dishes will steal your heart. It is available in many patterns but the base color for all options is white which is the most divine shade of white. The dinner set is made of BPA-free porcelain and is designed by experienced and skilled potters. 


It is perfect to be used by large families because it is a big dinner set with all the pieces you can imagine. If you are someone who likes to host a lot of dinners then get this dinner set today and stop worrying about the dishes department.


This large dinner set serves 12 people and the pieces include twelve 9 3/4 – inch dinner plates, twelve 8.5- inch soup plates, twelve 7.5- inch dessert plates, twelve 6- inch saucers, twelve 7.5-ounce mugs. 


Customers were a fan of this dinner set especially because it came with matching mugs. They loved that they now have a complete and sturdy dinner set with matching mugs. Use this dinner set daily or use it on special occasions, it will most certainly enhance the beauty of your dining room. The dinner set is beautiful looking, reasonably priced, and stands everyday usage easily. It holds up well in the dishwasher, microwave and can withstand sharp knives cutting through meat. 

Some customers complained that even though the dinner set is made of porcelain it is quite heavy to carry and feels almost like stoneware. You’d probably want to wash it by hand to maintain its beautiful pattern. 

The dinner set does not chip easily and feels smooth to touch. The design of the salad plates was particularly admired by customers for the grey and tan stripes. The squarish shape of the dishes and plates makes it easier to be stacked in the cabinet or stored in just about any small space. 

5. Stonelain Stoneware Dinner Set

Price: $59.99 ~ $109.00


This is a gorgeous and elegant stoneware dinner set. The perfect set for a modern home. It is available in three color variants- Black, Matte Grey, and Matte Brown. The material of this stoneware set gives you an earthy organic feel and brings rustic elegance to the table. It is sturdy for a stoneware set and has a trendy and edgy shape.  


This dinner set is fit for daily usage or fit for gifting also. It is dishwasher and microwave safe but since all stoneware is a little fragile it is recommended to be washed by hands. 


This 16-piece set serves four and includes- four round dinner plates, four round salad plates, four bowls and four handled mugs


This stoneware dinner set is pretty heavy in weight which some customers liked but some did not. The colors it is available in are all classy and beautiful on a glass or wooden table. The lip around each plate was loved because with it you won’t have to drag food around in your plate trying to get it in your spoon. They also help with soaking the plates after usage. The set is microwave safe but the plates do get pretty hot in it. They do not get ridiculously hotter than the food though which mostly happens with stoneware. 

Some customers felt that the craftsmanship could have used a little better skill. The paint seemed to be unevenly done on the surface. Some customers also complained that the cutlery makes a lot of noise against the plates and bowls. The design of this modern and classy dinner set however will win your heart. It was loved by many customers and recommended for modern dinner enthusiasts. Pair this dinner set with gold tones cutlery and you will have the most elegant looking dinner set at your table. 

6. Elama Stoneware Dinner Set

Price: $44.21 ~ $69.99


This classy dinner set is made of stoneware. The quality is stunning and the look is elegant and royal. The finish of the surface is highly glossy and the bold color options make it an attractive choice. The rim of all the dishes and plates is textured for a luxurious feel. The bowls are glossy on the inside and matte on the outside to allow a firm grip.


This dinner set can be used for any full course meal, whether it is with your guests or with your partner, or even by yourself. Gift this to friends who have bold taste in home décor and they will instantly fall in love with it. 


This dinner set serves four and includes four 10.5- inch dinner plates, four 8.25- inch salad plates, four 16-ounce mugs with matching color and design, and four 6.5-inch bowls with the capacity of 20 ounces.  


This vibrant dinner set received a lot of love from customers because of its beautiful design and sturdy structure. The plates have an inch of lip on them which gives you a little less room to keep your food. The lips also have textured rims which means the plates need to be stacked in a certain manner for them to stay steady on top of each other. The texture of this set looks like hand-thrown pottery which was again a greatly loved feature. 

Some customers felt that there was a lot of difference in the color of the dinner set on the seller’s pictures and the color in reality. This happened, especially with the blue-colored set. Whoever bought that set felt that it’s different from the pictures. They loved it nevertheless but the difference did seem to bother some people. Use this set to entertain your guests over the holidays and be ready to be bombarded with questions about where you got it from and what was the price. This dinner set is a very popular one among customers who bought this for their own homes as well as for their loved ones as Christmas gifts. 

7. Mainstays Glass Dinner Set

Price: $33.38 ~ $35.30


This clear glass dinner set is the sheer definition of elegance and class. This dinner set offers your food the most luxurious display. The set is ideal for plating prepared meals on a festive table. The shiny and totally transparent glass allows your food to take the stage. The design is stackable for nesting so that it can be stored effortlessly in cabinets. 


Use this dinner set for a full 3-course meal and show off your culinary skills to your guests. This dinner set is a little on the heavy side which is why it is recommended to use it around grown-ups. The glass is pretty sturdy but kids should not be allowed to use the set unsupervised. 


This elegant glass dinner set serves four and includes four 10.5- inch dinner plates, four 8-inch salad plates, and four 5.5-inch bowls. 


This dinner set received positive reviews for its accommodating design. Customers were happy that the plates and the bowls in this set were quite big and allowed them to keep more food. According to most customers, this dinner set looks high-end and classy in person more than it does in the pictures. They can be safely used in the microwave, fridge, and dishwasher without the fear of chipping or breakage. They might be a little too heavy for younger kids which is why families were a little reluctant to invest in it for their own use, however this dinner set makes a great gift choice, especially for a housewarming gift. If any of your friends recently moved into a new house or just had their kitchen remodeled, they would love this dinner set as a Christmas gift. 

The square shape of the dinnerware made it all the more popular as it allows you to stack it easily and store it in small cabinets. The set is made of clear glass and some people initially felt that it will retain water stains but it does not, provided that you wipe the dishes with a  soft absorbent cloth after washing. 

8. Danmers Glass Dinner Set

Price: $54.88 ~ $69.99


This pristine white and elegant-looking dinner set is made of strong glass. It is break-free and crack-resistant. It is lead-free and dishwasher safe. The white color doesn’t get discolored with oily and saucy food. The color doesn’t fade and the surfaces have no metal residue.


This dinner set is fit to be used by kids and elderly people also because it is light in weight. Gift it to your family for the coming holidays and watch them enjoy their dinners more every day. 


This dinner set serves 6 and includes 10.5-inch dinner plates, 7.5-inch side plates, and 5.5- inch serial bowls.


This dinner set is pretty sturdy for a glass dinner set. Some customers with young kids said that the plates have been dropped by their toddlers many times but they did not break or even chip. The set is also microwave safe and is the most perfect white color which doesn’t get discolored with time. The design is such that all the pieces stack on top of each other nicely and can be stored in a small space inside a cabinet or on top of a microwave. The set is durable and lightweight and is perfect for daily usage. If you’re a minimalist, use this set to entertain your guests. 

The pieces are not thick and chunky but delicate and thin which gives it an elegant vibe. Some customers said the set looks brand new even after a year of usage. People who bought this dinner set as gifts reported that the recipients loved their gift and kept asking where they got it from. It is a largely popular dinner set so you might as well get your hands on it as a perfect gifting choice for this holiday season. 

9. Gibson Elite Bone China Dinner Set

Price: $80.47 ~ $89.99


This is a light and durable bone china dinner set with great strength and pearly white color. The dinner set is delicate looking and thin but it is pretty sturdy. The embossed design on each piece gives this set a unique appearance.  


This dinner set is perfect to be used to serve all types of meals. The white color is going to make the color of your food pop. The lightweight plates and dishes make it fit to be used practically by anyone and everyone. 


The set serves 4 and includes four 10.75-inch dinner plates, four 8.25-inch side plates, four 8.75- inch dinner bowls, and four 6-inch cereal bowls.  


The color and design of this bone china dinner set make it a huge hit among customers who are fond of tablescaping. The dinner really does wonders for the look of your food and enhances the dining experience for your guests. This dinner set can also be used for daily lunches and dinners even with kids around. It is so lightweight that everyone can carry it without the fear of dropping it. Wash this dinner set by hand to maintain its glossy and gorgeous finish for a long time. 

Customers said that the dinner set looks prettier and artsier in person than it does in pictures. They are high-quality beautiful dishes which will be loved if you gave the sets out as gifts. The plates and dishes are translucent and milky looking which was another great feature that the customers loved. 

10. Earth’s Dreams Bamboo Dinner Set

Price: $19.95 ~ $49.95


This unique bamboo fiber dinner set is extremely lightweight yet durable. They are temperature-resistant pieces fit to handle hot and cold food. The pieces are made using bamboo fiber, melamine, and starch. It is an organic product that can be washed in the dishwasher. 


The dinner set is extremely lightweight and can be used by everyone. This traditional dinner set is versatile however it is recommended not to use it in a microwave


The set is customizable and can be ordered only for the pieces you want. 


This dinner set was especially loved for its beautiful and earthy appearance and extremely light weight. Some customers enlightened through their reviews about the product not being wooden. The dinner set pieces are made using bamboo fiber but they are not completely wooden. They are perfect to be used in a house of kids as the dishes do not break easily. It is highly advised not to put these in the microwave as they are not fit for that kind of usage. They may cause serious burns if put in the microwave. Wash the dinner set in the dishwasher or by hand. Washing by hand is recommended to maintain the appearance of this elegant set. The bowls are a little smaller than expected but provide perfect portions for toddlers. 

The dinner set is eco-friendly which makes it a good choice for the environment. The dinner set is ideal for any meal, hot or cold. Gift it to your friends and give them a small token of happiness this Christmas. 


1. How can I make my dinner set look new for a long time?

Dinner sets are expensive and luxurious items and moreover, they need to be taken care of because they are delicate and have intricate designs on them. Different materials of dinner sets call for different types of care. The following information will help you care for your dinner set according to the materials it’s made of:

Bone china: It is a particularly sturdy material but needs to be taken good care of so as to keep it new for years. Wash the dinner set right away after using it to avoid any food residue sticking to it and causing discoloration. Use mild detergent and a soft sponge to avoid any scratching of the surface. Keep metal items away from your bone china dinner set because even a bit of contact can make a nasty scratch on it.  

Ceramic: These dinner sets should always be washed by hand with warm and soapy water. Make sure you always rinse them really well and dry them with a soft cloth. If water droplets left on the surface might form a whitish stain. 

Melamine: These dinner sets should never be washed with rough cleaning sponges. Soak them in bleach-free granulated detergent every two weeks to keep them looking brand new for years. You can either wash it in a dishwasher or by hand using mild detergent. 

Porcelain: This is a fragile material that must be handled with a lot of care. to wash these dishes, sprinkle some baking soda and rub the surface with a soft sponge. Let it rest for 5 minutes and rinse out with water. Do not use hot water to wash porcelain dinner sets. You can also use a combination of salt and vinegar to wash them. 

Stoneware: Although stoneware dinner sets are dishwasher safe it is recommended to wash them with hands to preserve their original appearance. Citrus-based dish soap should not be used to wash this type of dinner set because it will dull the gloss on the surface. 

Glass: Wash the glass dinner set immediately after use. Fill 1/3 of the kitchen sink with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. Dip the utensils in this water and use a soft sponge to remove food particles from the surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry with a soft towel. 

Bamboo fiber: This dinner set must also be washed right after use to avoid discoloration. Using any mild detergent will work and make sure you use a soft sponge that does not scratch the surface of your dinner set. 

2.  Why gifting a dinner set is the ultimate choice?

We are approaching the best time of the year and the holidays will be here in no time. It is the time of festivities and all the good vibes. You get together with your family and friends whom you haven’t seen in a long time and whom you’d probably see again during the next holiday season. You’d want to get them a special gift to honor their presence in your life and also in the spirit of Christmas or Hannukah or New Year.

Right now, the stores are flooded with cute little items to gift your friends and family but have you ever thought of gifting something they will actually be able to use? A dinner set is a great gift choice not just for your parents but for almost any grown-up. It is something that can be put to use. Isn’t it great to know that every time your friends sit around the dining table with their family to have the food they are grateful for, they will also be grateful for a friend like you when they see the beautiful dinner set you gifted them? 

A dinner set signifies your love for the recipient, your wish to always see them prosper and be blessed with great food. Let your loved ones know that you are looking forward to having more get-togethers with them by gifting them a beautiful dinner set over the holidays. Dinner sets help you create a beautiful ambiance for your dinners when you have guests visiting. They are an expression of your style and taste in ornamental items. A gorgeous dinner set can alter the entire vibe of your dining room and can give your guests an exquisite dining experience.

Choose the most beautiful dinner set from our list above and let us know in the comments which one you chose for your own home and which ones for your family and friends as Christmas gifts.

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