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10 Best Cookies to Gift in 2022

by Evelyn Smith
Best christmas cookies

The holiday season is upon us. Seems like the entire year has passed by in a blink! Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. You know what this means, don’t you? Gifts! Gifts on special occasions are one of the sweetest gestures through which you can express your love and affection to the people you really care about. But, when it comes to deciding what you want to give as a token of you appreciation, you are lost. There are so many things to think about that you just can’t focus on one and decide what to buy. We have an advice for you- the best choice for a gift to make any occasion memorable is a little bit of sweetness, literally! A cookies gift kit is the perfect hamper of love you can shower on your loved ones. This gift possesses all the great qualities- it’s delicious, its memorable, it’s definitely loved by everyone and it is something that’s very affordable considering how expensive everything suddenly becomes when the holidays are approaching. 

A cookies gift basket or kit is an assortment or a collection of exquisite delectable goodies like cookies, chocolates and biscuits which are meant to act on your behalf and represent the love you have for the person whom you’re giving it to. When you open up the basket and the luscious fragrance of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies hits, your senses will land in heaven. There is no other better gifting option than a cookies gift kit! 

There are lots of things that bring people together specially during the holiday season but cookies are one of the toppers on this list. Think of the best cookies you’ve ever had, now imagine that a guest visiting you on Christmas eve brought you a whole basket of those crispy, chocolaty and delicious cookies! How amazing would that be?! The cookies gift kit is that box of happiness which no other holiday gift can even begin to match. A cookies gift kit usually holds cookies and or chocolates of various kinds. Have a brief look at all the delectable items that are stored in a perfect cookies gift kit:

There are a ton of cookie types that have been popularized by famous bakers all over the world but some just stand out in flavor, design and the aroma. Following are the most popular types of cookies that can be given as a gift. They are chosen based on their popularity among the masses:

  • Buttercream frosted cookies- These cookies will melt in your mouth because they are so soft and delicious. The top of this cookie is frosted with buttercream which is especially loved by kids. 
  • Shortbread cookies- These are the most basic cookies which are very popular among people who choose to eat healthy as they have a small amount of flour and sugar. They are crumbly and soft. 
  • Macaroon cookies- These chewy and sweet cookies are coconut based and can be eaten with a chocolate dip or chocolate ganache. If you want to go for ultimate indulgence, pick these for your cookies gift kit. 
  • Biscotti cookies- These cookies are crunchy and sweet. They are baked twice to get that perfect crackle texture. They can be made in a wide variety of flavors, the most popular one being almonds and chocolate. 
  • Gingerbread cookies- These are the most popular holiday cookies made with a range of spices. They have an amazing flavor that just keeps you hung up on them. 

A cookies gift kit is not just filled with cookies but also with a wide variety of chocolates as little treats for your mouth. Following are the most popular types of holiday chocolates that are included in cookies gift kits:

  • Plain – This type of holiday chocolate is usually the safest one to go for with people who are not adventurous when it comes to food. More often than not, they are included in all cookies gift kits.
  • Caramel- Caramel filled or flavored chocolates are loved by all. The texture of caramel highly depends on the brand as some brands make it chewy while some make it very flowy in consistency. 
  • Nutty- This type is filled with an assortment of nuts and is crunchy yet soft in texture. Check for allergies before including this type of chocolate in your gift kit. 
  • Fruity- These are not very popular as chocolate gifting options. The raspberry and cherry filled chocolates are however loved by many people. 
  • Nougat- This chewy aerated confection is loved largely by dessert lovers when coated with milk chocolate. It is a must have candy in your cookies gift kit. 

A gift is that sweet and adorable display of love and care which can never be forgotten if it really is a thoughtful one and what could be more thoughtful than a box of chocolates and cookies, after all life is like a box of chocolates, right? Conduct a thorough research through this article about what kind of cookies gift kit you want to select for your loved ones. Make sure you read till the end and arm yourself with all the information you need to choose the best cookie kit and make your loved ones feel appreciated and valued this holiday season. Following is a list of the most delectable, delicious and mouthwatering cookies gift kits that you can choose from:

1. Godiva Chocolatier Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $19.00 ~ $41.95

All you need to know:

  • This is an exquisite cookies gift kit with 20 pieces. Each piece is designed with chocolate and biscuits. 
  • It comes in a decorative golden box which you won’t have to gift wrap or decorate.
  • This cookies gift kit is a delicious treat fit for any special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or any other holiday for that matter.
  • This fancy kit comes in a nice little compact package that can be carried in your purse. You can carry it with you anywhere and treat yourself to a sweet treat whenever the mood strikes. 
  • There’s a guarantee that the package will have all the treats in their perfect condition as temperature monitoring has been done in order to protect the gourmet cookies gift kit.  

Is it worthy of your love?

This cookies gift kit is like therapy in a box. Many customers felt that the cookie box helped them get through tough times during work week. The cookies are perfectly baked to crispiness and the chocolate is creamy and melt in your mouth softly. This cookies gift kit is very attractive looking which means you won’t have to bother wrapping it again with extra paper. 

The sweetness of the chocolate and the cookies is the perfect level, not too sweet and not too bland. Customers were very impressed with the fact the chocolate on the cookies had not melted at all. It wasn’t frozen or flowing, it was just the right temperature. 

This cookies gift kit was recommended by all the customers because they felt there is nothing better you can treat yourself or any loved one with. If you waited till the last minute to buy a gift for your beau, get this cookie box and impress them instantly with its chocolatey deliciousness. The chocolate is perfect and so is the cookie wrapped in it. 

Children were especially huge fans of this cookies gift kit. There’s a warning by customers that encourages you to eat the cookies when you have the chance because they will sooner or later be devoured by your family, yes, they are that delicious!

2. Bonnie & Pop Cookies Gift kit

Price: $38.99 ~ $59.99

All you need to know:

  • This cookie box of happiness comes with an assortment of items which are sure to win your heart with their extensive flavor profiles.
  • Bonnie & Pop is a mother daughter owned business which means their products are fresh and made with love. 
  • The cookies gift kit includes White, Dark, and Milk Butter Pecan Patties, Cashew Clusters, Pretzel Clouds, Pecan Snappers, Sea Salt Caramels, English Toffee, Peppermint Patties, Bavarian Pretzels, Double Silk Truffles, Coconut Haystacks, and Peanut Clusters.
  • The best thing about this gift kit is all the items inside are individually packed for your convenience and also to avoid any mixing of the chocolates. 
  • The cookies gift kit is a beautiful caramel coloured tin that is very appealing to the eyes and doesn’t require any extra gift packaging. 

Is it worthy of your love?

This brand of cookies gift kits was specially loved by customers because the brand took utmost care while packaging the product. Each item inside the tin is individually packed which means you can eat as many as you want and leave the rest for later without worrying about them becoming hard or stale. The wide range of flavors included in the box was appreciated by customers. If you’re a picky eater this cookies gift kit is definitely for you to pamper yourself with. 

The items are labelled too. You can clearly see the name of the chocolate you are picking and can select the one your taste buds prefer. The quality of the chocolate used was great as it did not melt and tasted absolutely heavenly. It is an excellent gift for Christmas. 

The tin looks absolutely gorgeous and whoever looks at it will definitely be tempted to eat all the treats inside it. It can also be reused for many purposes when you finish the chocolates. Many customers shared that when they presented this cookies gift kit to the person they wanted to give it to, they were thoroughly impressed and couldn’t be happier. Choose this cookie gift today for the amazing packaging and delicious taste. 

3. David’s Cookies Assorted Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $44.95

All you need to know:

  • This delicious cookies gift kit is an assorted box of luscious brownies which will melt in your mouth. 
  • The brownies or small cake slices are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as they are super savory and loaded with flavors. 
  • The gift kit contains 20 rich fudgy brownie slices which will lift your mood up even from the deepest depths of despair. 
  • These brownies are crumb free. Now you can secretly treat yourself without leaving even a single trace of crumb behind. 
  • These gourmet brownie slices are fit to be gifted at any occasion. Gift it to your parents, spouse, kids or coworkers, they are guaranteed to be loved by all. 

Is it worthy of your love?

All the customers who chose to buy this cookies gift kit for their families or friends received lovely reviews from them.  The brownies are scrumptious and to die for. Some customers suggested that there should be a gift card attachment option for the cookies gift kit since most of the time it is bought as a gift for someone. 

The brownies come in all sorts of flavors and each is better than the other. The taste is amazing and the texture is soft which is ideal for brownies. You can either gift them or buy them for yourself and your family. Use them as snacks or eat them with ice creams, these brownies will surely make everyone happy. 

The brownies were loved by all because they look and taste really great. They have huge chunks of nuts and chocolates and have soft chewy centers. They are freshly baked and are individually packaged to avoid mixing of flavors. The only complaint that the customers had was about the price. They felt that the cookie kit was a little too expensive for the number of items included in it. The gift tin in which these delicious brownies come is a cute and beautiful box which can later be repurposed. 

4. Broadway Basketeers Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $56.95

All you need to know:

  • This cookies gift kit is an amazing gifting option for all age groups as it is sure to please them all. 
  • The box contains chocolate covered Graham, chocolate pecan caramels, hazelnut filled puff pastry, mint chocolate chip cookies, chocolate Amaretto almonds, Pirouline hazelnut wafer rolls, and much more.
  • With this cookies gift kit you can get to anybody’s heart. It can be given as a gift for all happy occasions and can also be given as a bereavement consolation. 
  • The cookies gift kit is a beautifully decorated wicker basket of goodies. The basket is pretty sturdy and can be reused after the goodies are over.
  • The brand has the option to include a customized gift note where you can include a heartfelt message for whomever you are purchasing the kit. 

Is it worthy of your love?

This big kit of love and appreciation really impressed the customers. The customers were blown away by the size of this basket and were seriously impressed by the low price it was available at. They loved that the basket looked just as pretty as it looked in pictures. Some even went on to say that the pictures don’t do justice to the actual physical beauty of the kit. 

The various flavors and variety of items were loved by everyone. If you are looking for a last-minute gift and don’t want to disappoint anyone, this cookies gift kit should be your pick. As compared to other gift kits, this one included a wider variety of goodies and that’s why it lasts longer. It is one of the reasons why it is more popular than the other cookies gift kits. Since almost all the snacks in the basket are healthy, it is preferred by parents for their kids. 

The customers were really surprised with the quality of the items, they were extremely fresh. You can gift this to yourself and your family too. The personal touch that a customized message card adds was also greatly loved by customers as nothing says love quite like a cute note. Get this cookies gift kit today and send a sweet message with it to your loved ones to express your feelings for them. 

5. Mrs. Fields Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $64.70

All you need to know:

  • This decadent gift kit of delectable cookies is a collection of 60 bite sized cookies in 5 delicious flavors.
  • Mrs. Fields is one of the best-known brands to deliver cookies in the signature red tin and needless to say these small bites of sweetness also come packed in the red tin which looks very inviting. 
  • The flavors of cookies included in the cookies gift kit are- semi-sweet chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin walnut, cinnamon sugar, triple chocolate and white chocolate macadamia nut.
  • The cookies are freshly baked and Kosher certified. The product is filled with nuts and nut oils so it is recommended that you check for allergies. 

Is it worthy of your love?

This cookies gift kit was loved for the packaging and for the rich taste of the cookies. The various flavors were also loved by all. They come in individual packaging, each type of 3 cookies is packed separately which allows you to eat in sensible portions and keeps the rest of the cookies fresh. It also avoids the mixing of flavors. The texture of the cookies is soft and gooey. 

Customers who have been fans of this brand for years felt that the brand is still living up to its name and offering freshly baked soft aromatic cookies. These cookies can be gifted or can be bought as a token of self-indulgence. The red tin that the whole cookies gift kit comes in is very popular among customers. Some even said that they would keep buying the cookies again and again for the box!

Customers who have tasted many brands said that they enjoyed all of the brands but if they had a choice to pick the best out of the best it would be Mrs Fields cookies gift kit. The customers acknowledged the brand’s reputation that has been built with a lot of hard work over the years and said that they would trust this brand blindly with the kind of materials they use for baking their cookies. It is highly recommended for this holiday season. 

6. Hazel & Crème Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $27.99

All you need to know:

  • This cookies gift kit is a box of beautiful and delicious cream cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with scrumptious toppings.
  • The cookies manufactured by this brand are always taste tested and made using fresh materials ensuring great quality. 
  • This cookies gift kit can be used as a token to show your gratitude to your coworkers or as a small gesture of your appreciation to your parents. It is a suitable gift for elders as well as for kids. 
  • The cookies gift kit is shrink wrapped with extreme care and comes in a beautiful box which can either be black or golden. 
  • The cookies and the chocolate in the cookies gift kit is Kosher certified and dairy free. 

Is it worthy of your love?

This cookies gift kit has very beautifully decorated cookies that taste delicious. Some customers said that these were easily the best chocolate cookies they had ever tasted. The presentation of the cookies seemed to be the main selling point of these cookies as they were very tastefully topped with delicious toppings. 

This cookies gift kit was recommended by its customers for people with a sweet tooth because this box is filled with sweet and delicious cookies which will be a great gift for any occasion. The cookies are crispy with a smooth and distinct taste of cocoa. The chocolate is rich and sweet and is of a premium quality. 

These cookies can be bought for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and as any other token of love. Some customers said that they were not bowled away by the flavors of the cookies as the flavor consisted only in the toppings. The others said that they would definitely buy this cookies gift kit again as it is perfect for the price and a great option for gifting. 

7. Dulcet Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $59.99

All you need to know:

  • This beautiful cookie gift is a box of cookies and rugelach that are freshly and perfectly baked. The box contains 6 chocolate chip cookies, 6 peanut butter cookies 1 lb assorted rugelach. There are different flavors like cinnamon sugar, chocolate chip, apricot or raspberry.
  • The packaging is beautifully done in a signature maroon coloured gift box. The presentation of the cookies is immaculate and is the reason for its popularity. 
  • The cookies gift kit can be given to your parents, your kids, your spouse or your coworkers. It is suitable for all age groups and is a memorable gift.
  • Each item in the kit is individually wrapped to maintain freshness, flavor and fragrance. All of them are Kosher certified. 

Is it worthy of your love?

When you buy this cookies gift kit you get a beautiful heavy box that you can reuse for a variety of things. The cookies themselves are lovely looking and delicious in taste. The texture is that of a perfectly baked fresh cookie. The fragrance is packed inside the individual packages of each cookie and so it feels fresh every time you decide to have a new cookie from the kit. 

Customers shared that the recipients of their cookies gift kits were very happy and they would buy again from this particular brand because the taste of their cookies is way better than the other similar brands. Some customers said that they received a few extra cookies as samples for tasting and they loved them. All the flavors are very delicious and worth trying.

It was tagged as a gorgeous and yummy cookies gift kit which will be bought by customers over and over again for gifting on every special occasion and festivals. Customers were very happy that they chose the Dulcet cookies gift kit and highly recommend it to other customers. They also recommend these because the packaging is impeccable and cookies always arrive in their proper shape. 

8. Granny Bella’s Christmas Cookies Gift kit

Price: $36.95

All you need to know:

  • These homemade cookies come in a cute cookie gift box which is perfect for gifting.  The cookies are homemade using a secret old family recipe and are absolutely scrumptious. 
  • The cookie kit contains 8 jelly thumbprints, 9 marble shortbreads, 8 oatmeal clusters, 12 chocolate chip poppers, 8 poppy seed melt-in-the-mouths, 6 star-shaped sprinkled vanilla cookies, and 9 heart-shaped sprinkled vanilla cookies.
  • These cookies are a great option to be used as a party dessert on Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, New Years, Hanukkah or Purim. They are made using premium, high -quality ingredients. 
  • They are suitable for everyone as they are vegetarian, non-dairy, Kosher certified. 
  • The cookies are loved by all and have received raving reviews by all buyers for their amazing freshness. 

Is it worthy of your love?

The most appreciated aspect of this brand was the beautiful homemade taste of the cookies and the excellent and friendly customer service. Some customers had complained that when they received their cookies gift kit, all the cookies had turned to crumbs. The customer service quickly swung into action and refunded the money of the customers as well as compensated by giving them a free cookies gift kit. 

Some customers had an amazing experience with the packaging and said that they received the package intact and all the cookies in place in perfect condition. The package box was also admired by all. It looks very beautiful with amazing colours and a beautiful bow to adorn it. It looks like a very expensive gift but is actually very reasonably priced. 

Customers said that they could feel the brand is very thoughtful and that the cookies are made with a lot of love and care. Kids loved them because they taste like grandma’s cookies. Buy this cookies gift kit as a gift for your family or for your friends and reminisce with them about childhood memories. This box of the most delicious cookies will remind you of all the happy times. 

9. Oh! Nuts Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $32.90 ~ $33.89

All you need to know:

  • This beautiful cookies gift kit is an assortment of 20 decorated sandwich cookies.
  • The packaging is great as the gift box is divided into 20 compartments for each individual piece.
  • The cookies have unique flavors. They are beautiful and stunning looking cookies dipped in dark and white chocolate with several types of toppings that enhance the taste greatly. 
  • The cookies gift kit contains dark chocolate cookies topped with nut brittle, caramel chocolate chips, roasted shelled sunflower seeds, white candy crunch, and white chocolate cookies topped with sweet craisins, dark chocolate chips, drizzled chocolate, rainbow nonpareils, and candied shredded coconut.
  • This cookies gift kit is suitable for all special occasions and all age groups. 

Is it worthy of your love?

The cookies gift kit is very carefully packaged so as to not break them. For all the cookies gift kits the major complaint that customers had was the crumbling and breaking of cookies and receiving crumbs in a box rather than cookies. With this brand you will never face that problem. It is double wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any breakage and each cookie has its own separate section to avoid collision, breakage and messing up of the flavors by getting mixed. 

The customer service of this brand is excellent as some customers reported that their money was refunded when they expressed their disappointment over broken cookies received. The cookies are absolutely loveable. Even if you are not a huge fan of biscotti you will love these. They are not too sweet or hard, just the right amount of sweetness and perfect texture. The frosting and the wide variety of toppings was a great hit among the customers. They loved all the flavors and the textures. 

The box they come in is a cute and basic box with a beautiful broad bow of either beige or teal colour wrapped around it so that it looks more like a gift which makes it an excellent gifting option. If you really can’t decide what to buy for your family for Christmas, get them this cookies gift kit, they will be more than grateful. This cookie fit kit is highly recommended by the buyers especially for its breakage proof packaging. 

10. Kirkland Signature European Cookies Gift Kit

Price: $24.99

All you need to know:

  • This cookies gift kit is a collection of perfectly baked delicious biscuits covered in Belgian chocolate.
  • Each cookies gift kit contains 15 exquisite biscuits topped with the best quality chocolate.
  • They are perfect to be gifted or to be bought for yourself. They look gorgeous and come in a beautifully designed tin. 
  • The brand recommends not to order these for hot weather locations because the chocolate tends to melt.

Is it worthy of your love?

These cookies are desserts which are tasty, and elegant looking. They are filling and that’s why you won’t be able to eat too many in one sitting. Customers described them as “an amazing little bit of heaven”. These came in perfect condition and taste awesome. There are a lot of cookies in this tin and there is a description of each attached inside the lid with a picture.

There are 2 layers so you get 47 cookies of all different varieties. Some customers said that these are the most amazing, most delicious, most scrumptious cookies they have ever eaten. They are a great gifting option as they come in a beautiful red tin.

Some customers complained that the chocolate on the cookies had melted and made them stick together in one big blob of chocolate but the brand clearly mentions not to order the product if you live in a hot weather area. Having said that, it should also be noted that some customers living in hot Florida said that they received their cookies gift kit in perfect condition. The cookies themselves were loved by all for the amazing quality of Belgian chocolate and the freshness of the biscuits. 


1. Why is a cookies gift kit the best gift for your loved ones?

Cookies are loved by everyone. Whether you prefer oatmeal raisin cookies or chocolate chip cookies, the fact remains that everyone loves cookies no matter what type they are. If you’re still not on board with us about this, here are a few reasons which will make you believe that a cookies gift kit is in fact an ultimate gift for your loved ones:

  • An assortment of baked goods- A cookies gift kit is a kit that includes a variety of baked goods which means there is something for everyone. 
  • Customizable- Some brands offer cookie kits which can be customized based on your choices. What more could you ask for when you can actually set the kit according to what you think your loved ones would want? 
  • Can be shared- A cookies gift kit is not a very individualized gift and that means it can be shared. There are different types of cookies in the kit which can be shared by your entire family or all your coworkers. 
  • Budget friendly- When it is holiday season you have to buy a whole lot of gifts for everyone at home and at work. This tends to be a little heavy on your pocket. Choose cookie kits as gifts because they are very affordable and popular too. 
  • Best for any occasion- Be it Christmas, New Years’, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other occasion for that matter, sweets are always welcomed. Gifting a cookie kit at any occasion is always a great choice. 

2. How to pack a cookies gift kit?

A cookies gift kit is an assortment of delicious treats which usually comes pre packed in a tin or attractive boxes, however a personal touch of your own packaging will make the person receiving it feel a little more special. Follow these steps to pack your cookies gift kit:

  • Seal the tin or box with a scotch tape
  • Select the best suited gift wrapping paper
  • Wrap the box neatly with the paper
  • Tie a broad satin ribbon around the box and make a small bow on top
  • Finish it with a loving and short personal note.

3. What all do I need to think of while getting a cookies gift kit?

The best thing about a cookies gift kit is that it can be chosen based on your preferences. Since this is an edible item you need to be extra careful about what ingredients go into making the cookies and chocolates in your kit. Pay attention to the following while buying a cookies gift kit:

  • Flavors– Make sure many types of flavors are included in the box so as to offer variety. 
  • Allergies– Some people are allergic to nuts or dairy. Make sure you check with the person you’re planning to gift it to about their allergies.
  • Ingredients– Some people follow a strict diet because of health-related issues or due to personal choices. Check the ingredients on the cookies gift kit before buying one. You wouldn’t want to give a vegan person cookies made with dairy and eggs, right?!

Dessert is always an option for gifting. When you choose to share a cookie or a piece of chocolate with a family member, friend or even coworker, in some way or another it strengthens your bond with them. A cookie is something that kids really love, they are enjoyed by grown-ups too. They are the perfect snack when there is literally nothing to eat. They are perfectly sized in portions that are healthy and they sometimes make you feel just so good that you forget all about the crappy day that you just had. 

Cookies have a special place in all our lives because they always remind us of special memories and happy times. Make your friends and family happy today and cherish some memories with them with the best cookies gift kits from the above list. Let us know in the comments the cookies gift kit you chose to treat yourself or your family with.

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