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10 Best Baby Nose Cleaner In 2022

by Evelyn Smith

Say no to stuffy noses with the best baby nose cleaners of 2021

If you are a new parent, there must have been multiple occasions in your life when out of the blue in the middle of the night your baby starts crying furiously and you just can’t figure out why. Babies are the most adorable part of your lives and taking care of them is extremely challenging yet fulfilling. Since babies cannot exactly communicate through language, sometimes it becomes very difficult for parents to understand why the baby is feeling uneasy and crying. Maybe they are hungry, maybe they are bored or maybe they soiled their pants. More often than not the reason is a stuffy nose. Unlike adults, babies cannot take care of their personal hygiene and are therefore incapable of cleaning their noses. A stuffy nose can be very, very uncomfortable and since babies can do nothing about it, it makes them super fussy and irritable. 

To ward off this crazy uncomfortable situation all you need is a baby nose cleaner or a baby nasal aspirator. It is a device that you use to create suction and safely remove mucus to clear your baby’s nose, allowing them to breathe comfortably. A nasal aspirator is a must have product for new parents as young babies are prone to getting colds. This blocks their nasal passage to a great extent creating a lot of discomfort. Sometimes it completely blocks the baby’s nose and they have to breathe through their mouth. It is super uncomfortable, makes the lips dry and chapped and the throat raspy. Avoid all this trouble today and get the best nasal aspirator for your children. There are three types of nasal aspirators:

  • Bulb syringe aspirator– It is the oldest and classic snot sucking tool meant to clear any boogers obstructing your baby’s breathing. It is made of rubber with a large ball on one end and a narrow-tapered opening on the other end. It looks and works like an eye dropper 
  • Electric aspirator- These are pretty modern and easy to use. They work on batteries. One end goes in the baby’s nose and as soon as the button is pressed the mucus is sucked into the mechanism to clear the nasal passage. 
  • Oral suction aspirator– This is a low tech but popular way of clearing the baby’s nose. A tube is inserted into the baby’s nose and through the other end with oral suction the mucus is sucked out. There is a filter that prevents the mucus from getting in your mouth. 

When really you think about it you will realize that a nasal aspirator makes your life as a parent less complicated. Can you imagine trying to get to the nose of a fussy baby who is flailing his arms frantically and crying like the world is about to end? With a nasal aspirator you can say goodbye to difficult situations like this. A nasal aspirator is very easy to use, comfortable for the baby and gets the job done. When it was in its initial stages of invention it was just the bulb syringe which was used to suck out the obstructing fluids from the baby’s nose but after the invention of electric aspirators, things became even easier for parents. With the click of a button, boogers will be out and away. By the time your baby figures out what’s happening you’ll already have cleaned their nose and given them a clear nasal passage to breathe happily. There are tons of small gadgets and machines that are advertised to you when you become a new parent but this machine in particular is not something you can skip. There are some serious advantages of having a nasal aspirator or baby nose cleaner handy:

  • Easy to use for you
  • Doesn’t hurt the baby
  • Is a very quick and effective way of removing blockages
  • Is pocket friendly
  • Can be used even when the baby is sleeping

Using a nasal aspirator is pretty simple, thanks to the technology. In some cultures, in the olden times, mothers used to suck the boogers right out of the baby’s nose with their mouths! Yes, that is very unhygienic and yucky! It is good to know that with these nasal aspirators you don’t have to go through that. Taking care of babies is an intimidating task but with all the right tools and information you will do an amazing job. With a nasal aspirator you will not only be able to clear the baby’s nose but you can clear their ears also and get rid of the thick wax that blocks their ears. A nasal aspirator will really help you in the flu season, during the cold weather and in general too when you observe your baby isn’t breathing properly or the breathing is ragged while they sleep. It is a great tool for all the parents and all the babies all over the world. 

Realizing the importance of a nasal aspirator we conducted a thorough research and shortlisted the top 10 nasal aspirators for your baby. Go through the list of detailed information and reviews of the best nasal aspirators available in the market:

1. Oogiebear nose and ear cleaner for babies

Price: $12.95
  • This nasal aspirator is fit to be used to clean the baby’s nose as well as ears. It uses the scoop and loop mechanism which is gentle on the baby’s sensitive nose. 
  • The design of the cleaner is strategic as the bearhead design ensures it never goes up too far and hurts the baby. 
  • It is effective in removing sticky boogers and hardened earwax without causing any pain to the baby. 
  • It is a tiny and lightweight tool which is super easy to carry around in the baby’s diaper bag. 
  • It is very trustworthy as it was made by registered pharmacists. It aims to keep your baby clean and help them breathe properly. 

Parents’ Point of View:

The parents love this tiny little tool which is super effective in cleaning out crusty and sticky boogers from baby’s noses. Some parents complained that the price is a little too high for a small piece of plastic but since it works so well, they did not mind spending that money. Some said that at this price, a small case to keep the cleaner should have been included in the package. 

Parents were amazed that earlier their fussy baby who used to cry at just the sight of a nasal aspirator now happily lets their parents clean their noses and ears. The bear’s protruding ears make sure that you can’t push the device too far into your baby’s nose. The material is also soft and comfortable. The little loops on either end do a great job of fishing out boogers and your baby won’t mind at all. 

Parents were grateful for this device as it comes in handy especially during winters when your baby’s nose is all clogged up due to cold. Wiping their noses again and again with tissues might hurt them, use this nose cleaner and keep your baby happy with a clean nose. This device will make sure that the baby has a super clear nasal passage and sleeps peacefully for a long time.

2. GROWNSY Nasal aspirator

Price: $42.99
  • This baby nose cleaner comes with a built-in 700mAh battery. The battery is long lasting and rechargeable. It is advised not to use the aspirator while it is charging. 
  • It offers 3 modes of suction which can be adjusted. For hard boogers, it is advised to thin out with saline drops and wait for a minute before using the aspirator. 
  • To clean the collection cup, just remove it and rinse with soapy water. 
  • The aspirator barely makes any noise as it has a high-quality motor. It also comes with an LED warm light for the comfort of the baby. 
  • This baby nasal aspirator is very safe as it is tested and is up to the safety standards to avoid hurting the baby’s nose. 

Parents’ Point of View:

This booger sucker is parent approved. The features are loved by all. It is very easy to use, charge and clean. There are 3 settings of suction which will allow to suck out the hardest of boogers. There are attachment options which you can choose based on your baby’s age and the kind of suction required. The nozzles are made of soft silicone so that it is comfortable for the baby and doesn’t irritate their nasal passage triggering sneezing. Parents loved the fact that it can be charged. 

The baby will be amused by the lights and music and will not fuss at all when you clean their nose. The lights and music are optional, you can use them if you need to distract your baby. The collection cup is transparent so you can see what you’ve collected and notice if the baby has bloody snot. To clean the cup, get it off the base and rinse it down the sink. You won’t have to touch anything gross. 

This convenient tool is very easy to sanitize too and comes with a case in which you can keep it for carrying in a bag. It is highly recommended by parents since it is so effective and safe. 

3. Ravifun baby nasal aspirator

Price: $21.99
  • This baby nose cleaner is available in two sizes. The tips are soft and reusable. The gourd shaped nozzle is suitable for kids aging from 0-2 years and the funnel shaped nozzle is suitable for kids aging from 2- 8 years. 
  • The nasal aspirator comes with five levels of suction. Choose a different level of suction power based on your need. 
  • It is a rechargeable device which comes with a USB charging cord and can be operated using one push button. 
  • It is a very lightweight tool which is easy to carry around in the baby’s diaper bag. 
  • The device also comes with a small case in which you can store it when you are travelling. There is a small manual included with the package which has instructions about the product. 

Parents’ Point of View:

Parents claimed that this is one of the best nasal aspirators in the market because it is very easy to use and it comes at an amazingly low price. The five suction levels are very convenient and can be used on both younger and older kids. It is safer to use as compared to other more expensive brands which suck way too hard and hurt the baby’s nostrils. The two nozzle options were also greatly appreciated by parents as they make things super easy for them. Some parents also suggested that since this device is so useful it would make a great baby shower gift. 

The battery life of this nasal aspirator is not very reliable as it doesn’t last as long as you’d want it to. The good thing is that it can be easily charged using the USB cable that comes with it. The design of this aspirator is interesting and keeps your baby distracted while you clean their noses. 

You will notice that your baby doesn’t struggle or get fussy with this nose cleaner because it is too gentle on their soft and small noses. Parents were very happy with this product and so were their babies. It is highly recommended by them especially for the price and the easy way in which it can be used. 

4. OCCO baby nasal aspirator

Price: $40.99 ~ $59.99
  • This battery-operated nose cleaner is made using medical grade materials. It is BPA and latex free which makes it very safe for your baby. 
  • There are three size options for the tips which are soft and are suitable for any shape of nostril. 
  • The suction on this aspirator is powerful enough and yet gentle on the baby’s nose. It sucks out all the types of boogers whether it is runny, sticky or even hard and crusty. 
  • It is completely waterproof and easy to clean. All you need to do to clean it is remove the collection cup and rinse it with hot and soapy water. Clean the nozzles in the same way.
  • This aspirator is easy to use on the baby even when they are sleeping as it doesn’t make too much noise and is very easy to operate. 
  • The battery is included in the package and an oral snot sucker is also included in case you run out batteries at an unfortunate time. 

Parents’ Point of View:

Parents instantly fell in love with this product and were grateful to find it. The nasal aspirator works flawlessly and cleans out all the nasty boogers of your child allowing them nights of peaceful sleep. Parents appreciated the customer service as they replace the collection cups free of cost if you somehow lose them. 

With this battery-operated nasal aspirator, you no longer have to worry about accidentally getting some boogers in your mouth because it does happen sometimes but only with the oral suction aspirators. Parents recommended to use saline drops to loosen the hard boogers which can then be easily cleaned out using this amazing device. With this nasal aspirator you won’t be causing any harm to the baby’s nasal passage and the baby will not cry horribly when you try to clean their nose with it. 

The nozzles are pretty soft and will not cause any irritation to the nostrils. It also comes with a small q tip which makes it easy for you to clean the tips. Parents were extremely happy with this product because they no longer have to experience the horrifying task of keeping your baby still while they fuss about in agony. It is recommended by parents as they claimed it works wonders. 

5. Nosiboo baby nose cleaner

Price: $155.00
  • This cute nasal aspirator was designed thoughtfully for babies. The head of the aspirator is shaped like a teddy bear’s head so that it distracts the baby from the entire process of nose cleaning making it a pleasant experience rather than a painful one.
  • The design was developed with the help of some ENT specialists which helped keep all the medical aspects in mind. 
  • The collection cup of the aspirator is the head. It can be easily taken apart and cleaned with water and soap. You can wash it under running water. 
  • The cleaner is safe for children as it is BPA free and tested for babies. 
  • The suction power on this device can be controlled by you based on the age of your baby and the consistency of the mucus. 

Parents’ Point of View:

If you are a new parent who is tired of the sucking mechanism nasal aspirator then this nasal cleaner is the best one for you. It cleans the baby’s nose pretty easily through its different levels of suction. Some parents expressed concern over the device being a little too loud but since it works effectively, they didn’t seem to mind much. 

Some suggested that redesigning of the bulb tip would do wonders for the product as the tip sometimes fails to stay in the nostril of the baby. This product will be particularly helpful for you if your baby has a flat nasal passage as the tip will sit right and suck up the blocking snot right off. Some parents felt that the product is overpriced for the kind of function it performs, however some said that the price was totally worth it as it removes the congestion from the nasal passage completely and allows the baby to sleep peacefully through the night. 

Turning the suction power up or down is quite a helpful feature which allows you to adjust the suction accordingly. The product though a little overpriced was loved by parents. It is easy to disassemble, clean and put back together. You will be surprised with the amount of mucus it pulls out of your baby’s nose. Get this nasal aspirator today and watch your babies sleep breathing softly and comfortably. 

6. Watolt baby nasal aspirator

Price: $38.99 ~ $39.99
  • This is a battery-operated nasal aspirator which comes with two types of nozzles for extra comfort.
  • It has three suction settings. You can choose the power of the suction according to your baby’s age or the type of mucus.
  • The tips that come with the aspirator can be easily cleaned, sanitized and reused.
  • The device comes with a small display and music which is optional. It is meant to distract your child from the cleaning process. 
  • It is a small, handy and lightweight aspirator which can be carried around in your small purses or diaper bags. 
  • It is very easy to clean and put back together. It also comes with a small pair of tweezers with which you can clean hard boogers. 

Parents’ Point of View:

This product comes with flashing lights and music which was a feature greatly appreciated by parents as it does an amazing job of distracting the baby while you clean their stuffy noses. The three levels of suction are also pretty helpful as one parent felt that the suction was just perfectly powerful for babies. The aspirator is easy to disassemble and clean, another reason why parents loved it. 

The suction works great but it was recommended by most parents to use saline drops or spray to thin the mucus so that it can be sucked out easily. The cleaner is quieter as compared to most aspirators with the same features which means you can clean your baby’s nose even while they’re asleep. You no longer have to torture your child with those silicone bulbs which irritate the baby’s nasal passage and cause sneezing.

 Since it is very small you can carry it with you in your handbag or in the baby’s diaper bag while travelling. Parents who have babies that get terribly cold every now and then were very happy with this product as even during the worst flu seasons their babies were able to sleep through the night and breathe without any problem with this nose cleaner. They tagged this product as one of the must haves for babies. 

7. Molucky nasal aspirator

Price: $12.99 ~ $19.99
  • This type of nasal aspirator is considered one of the safest as you are not putting a piece of machinery in your baby’s nose. It is an oral suction aspirator which is super safe for your baby. 
  • The tips are made of soft medical grade silicone which will easily clean out all the snot in your baby’s nose with your oral suction. The nozzles can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • This aspirator is totally hygienic as it comes with 24 disposable filters that will protect your baby from any infections. 
  • The brand offers a one year replacement. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can get a replacement within a year of purchase. 

Parent’s Point of View:

Parents felt that this nasal aspirator is a life saver as it safely cleans out the baby’s nasal passage helping them breathe properly. The creators of this product realized that it is crucial for a baby’s nasal passage to be clear because if it is blocked babies will breathe through their mouths and hence will refuse to eat as it would not be possible to breathe while eating. This product will never allow you to step into a situation like that. 

Parents also said that the nozzles were comfortable and got the job done. They felt that the product is perfectly priced. It is a great alternative to the more expensive options which do exactly the same thing as this aspirator but at a higher price. It is very easy to clean too, just detach the container that collects mucus, empty it out and clean it with soapy water. Don’t forget to rinse it out with clean water and dry it. With its perfect design you will not get any snot or boogers near your mouth if you’re worried about sucking them in, plus the filters that come with the product are also quite helpful. 

It can be used on babies without irritating them and since it is so easy to use your baby won’t struggle or fight when you clean their nose using this aspirator. It is recommended by parents since it is the safest way to clean your baby’s clogged up nostrils. 

8. Fridababy electric baby nose cleaner

Price: $35.99 ~ $44.99
  • This is a rechargeable electric nose cleaner which is quite popular among parents due to its effectiveness. 
  • It offers three levels of suction power to suck out the most stubborn mucus too. It comes with two tips- the cone tip for kids aging from 0-2 years and the extended tip for kids aging 2+ years. The tips are pretty soft for your baby. 
  • It also comes with a built-in light that works as a distraction for your baby when you’re cleaning their nose. 
  • You can recharge the device on the go and use it whenever needed. It is easy to use and hold and can be used even with one hand. 
  • It comes with a USB cable to charge the device and a small case to stow it away when not in use. 

Parents’ Point of View:

The product is super simple to use yet highly effective which is why parents love it so much. Within a minute you can clean your baby’s clogged up nose. The tip and the collection cup are very easy to remove and clean, in fact, they are dishwasher safe. It is a life saver when your babies just can’t breathe with all the mucus blocking their nasal passage. 

To get everything clean quickly and in one go, put some saline drops in the baby’s nose and loosen up the hard mucus, then using the Fridababy nose cleaner, clean out all the boogers. It can also be used on older children which is a great thing if you have two or more children as you won’t have to buy a separate one for both. 

Make sure you thoroughly clean the nozzles before using them as they come in direct contact with the mucus and transfer can cause infections and illnesses. Sanitization of the nozzles is also a must if you are using it for two kids and otherwise too. The motor in the device doesn’t make a lot of noise and won’t wake your baby if you decide to clean their nose while they sleep. 

9. Hauture baby nose cleaner

Price: $29.99
  • This nasal aspirator is way better than the traditional oral suction aspirator as it is very hygienic and can be used without tiring out your lungs. 
  • It is battery operated and comes with a 700mAh battery which has a long life. You need not replace the batteries as it is rechargeable. It is small and lightweight and can easily fit in your diaper bag or stroller caddy. 
  • It is BPA and latex free and is made using all the safe materials to ensure your baby’s safety. It comes with two nozzles which can be cleaned easily . Clean the mucus cup thoroughly with soap and water to avoid any infections. 
  • It is a very quiet nasal cleaner and comes with an option to turn on music as a distraction for the baby. 

Parent’s Point of View:

With this nasal aspirator you can clean your baby’s nose very quickly without bothering them. All the parts can be taken apart and cleaned and put back together very easily. If your baby has a snotty nose which gets clogged very often, get this product today and get rid of all the stubborn mucus. 

The product is made of high-quality materials which is a huge plus since you don’t want to bring any cheap products near your baby which might harm their health in the long run. Parents found this device extremely helpful in situations when their baby would cry awfully due to the blocked nose. Some parents compared this product with the expensive top models and found this one to be better functioning and cheaper too. 

The suction power is pretty decent and won’t hurt your baby. It was loved by the parents since it is very easy to clean out every single part of this aspirator unlike the bulb syringe which can only be cleaned to a certain extent. 

10. GROWNSY baby nose cleaner

Price: $39.95
  • The design of this aspirator makes it very easy for you to grip and clean your baby’s nose comfortably.
  • It has 3 levels of suction which are adjustable. The suction is of decent power yet it is advised to use a nasal spray or drops and allow the mucus to thin out. Use this nasal aspirator to clean out your baby’s nose 30 seconds after you’ve put in the drops. 
  • It works on a battery which is rechargeable and can be charged using the USB cable that comes with the product.
  • The device comes with a small display and optional music meant to distract your baby. 

Parents Point of View:

This nose cleaner is highly effective in cleaning the hard and crusty mucus which usually is very troublesome for little babies. It makes very little noise while in use and the suction settings work great. 

Parents said that their babies were amazed with this product as it has a light and music. It also comes with three different tips that get all the way into the nostril and suck out the stubbornly stuck mucus. Some parents who dealt with the customer service had nothing but praises about the company. The customer service is extremely polite and very helpful. 

Easy to disassemble, the parts of this device can be cleaned very easily and it is advised to clean them after every usage to avoid any infections. Use soapy water to clean the removable parts and make sure that no water gets inside the body of the device as it will damage it. This aspirator is highly rated by parents as it really helps babies breathe properly


1. How to clean the baby nose cleaner?

A nasal aspirator does the dirty deed for you and pulls out the mucus from the deepest of your baby’s nose’s corners. It goes without saying that this device needs thorough cleaning as it comes in direct contact with bodily fluids. Follow these easy steps to clean a baby nose cleaner:

Bulb syringe- To clean a bulb syringe aspirator follow these steps:

  • Fill warm soapy water in a bowl
  • Squeeze the bulb with the tip in the soapy water 
  • Shake the cleaner vigorously to clean the inside of the syringe
  • Squeeze out the soapy water
  • Repeat the process several times with clean warm water to rinse it
  • Suspend the syringe tip side down to dry

          Electric aspirator- To clean an electric nasal aspirator, follow these steps:

  • Remove from the base unit and rinse the pieces under warm water
  • Soak the cup and nozzles in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes
  • Use a toothpick to remove any mucus stuck to the nozzles
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Allow the piece to dry and reassemble the aspirator carefully

2. How to use different types of nasal aspirators?

Nasal aspirators regardless of the type are very easy to use. The bulb syringe aspirator can be considered a little difficult one to deal with as a fussy baby will not stay still enough for it to work. 

Use the bulb syringe nose cleaner with these steps:

  • Squeeze the air out of the bulb and keep it squeezed
  • Place the tip of the squeezed bulb into the baby’s nostril gently
  • Release the bulb to let the air back into the bulb, it will suck the mucus out of the nose and into the bulb
  • Squeeze the mucus out on a tissue 
  • If the mucus is too hard, thin it with saline drops or prescribed nasal drops 
  • Wipe the baby’s nose with a soft cloth 

         Use the electric nasal aspirator with these steps:

  • Make sure you have working batteries in it
  • Place the tip of the aspirator in the nostril 
  • Press the button for precisely a couple of seconds 
  • Some aspirators automatically stop when the cleaning is done so you need not worry about the timing
  • Move to the second nostril and repeat the process.
  • Wipe the baby’s nose with a soft cloth

A nasal aspirator is an item you should not eliminate if you do not want your baby to face uncomfortable moments. You’ve read through a ton of information that advocates the usage of this small device and we are sure you agree that a nasal aspirator is in fact a great invention. It will help parents tremendously in those desperate moments when the baby just won’t stay still. Serious technological advancements in technology have helped companies create such cute and useful models of nasal aspirators that your baby might as well think it is a toy. It is meant to distract your baby from what you’re about to do. 

Reap the benefits of this technology today and get a baby nose cleaner for your baby. Let us know in the comments the baby nose cleaner you chose to make your and their life easier with this effective and handy tool. 

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