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Laptop Cover | 10 Amazing laptop Cases in 2022

by Evelyn Smith
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Cover up your expensive laptops with the best laptop cases of 2021

Even if we tried, we could never forget March 2020 when the whole world was shaken up by the pandemic of covid 19. Everything had to be shut down to ensure the safety of all the people all over the world. All the businesses, educational institutions and even grocery shops had to be closed indefinitely. Everyone in the world then turned towards their laptops to make sure that things did not stop completely. A laptop has been a saviour for many people, the number is unimaginable. A laptop was that great invention which allowed you to literally carry all of your work or school related stuff in a compact electronic book. It has made things very, very easy for all the types of organisations. Protecting this invaluable and indispensable gadget is very important. 

There are lots of protective gear available in the market which will help you keep your expensive laptops safe while working on them or even while travelling. The best bet is a laptop case or sleeve. A laptop case is a protective covering designed to keep laptops safe from any physical damage. Laptop cases are available with different features, number of compartments, colours, patterns, carrying style etc. There are several types of laptop cases which you can choose from:

  • Business style laptop briefcases– These laptop cases are designed to not only accommodate your sleek laptops but everything else that you might need when you’re working on your laptop. They look just like regular briefcases with trolley tyres to help you carry them easily. They are a little bulky as they have compartments for all your laptop accessories. 
  • Laptop messenger bags– These laptop bags are designed to look like messenger bags and are very easy to carry. Initially when they were introduced in the market, they were very popular with the younger generation but now after many years in the market they have become popular among all age groups. The main reason for their popularity is the kind of protection they offer and the easy way in which they can be carried around. They are available in many colours and styles. 
  • Laptop backpack– This is the most popular variety of laptop case. It is just like a backpack except for a little change on the inside. The inside of the bag is made in such a way that it easily accommodates your laptop in a separate compartment and all the other accessories in other compartments. This type of laptop case is very popular among students and among professionals. 
  • Laptop totes- Laptop totes are tote style bags in which you can safely store and carry your laptops. These are very popular among women as they look just like stylish handbags. They come in a variety of designs, from formal to informal. The prices also vary based on the materials used. These are designer bags essentially manufactured for the female customers.
  • Laptop sleeves- These protective coverings fit snugly around your laptop and protect it from any physical damage while you carry it around with you. Laptop sleeves are fairly cheaper than other types of laptop cases as they do not offer much space to other items than your laptop. It is always advisable to use a laptop sleeve with your laptop even if you’re placing it in a travel bag or a carry bag as it is going to protect your laptop from any scratches or any type of physical damage. 

  Laptop sleeves Vs Laptop bags

When you think of buying something to protect your laptop you always need to think of the other accessories that come along with your laptop because you need to carry them with you too. But, is protection the only thing you’re thinking about? A laptop bag surely provides ample space to store many items along with your laptop but its major function is allowing some portability. The main function of a laptop sleeve is to protect your laptop and that is the reason why you must get a laptop sleeve first if you plan on protecting your laptop. Here are some reasons why you should absolutely get a laptop sleeve as a protective gear for your laptop:

  • Cleanliness– When you decide to cover up your laptop with a laptop sleeve you are not only protecting from physical damage but you are also protecting it from any dust or dirt that could eventually harm your laptop. A laptop sleeve will protect your laptop and will also keep it clean.
  • Protection– A laptop sleeve is the best and the cheapest way to give your laptop some protection. A laptop bag is little expensive which is sometimes a deal breaker. If you are looking for some protective gear that keeps your laptop safe but you also do not want to spend a ton of money on it, please buy a laptop sleeve. 
  • Price– As mentioned in the previous point, if you do not want to go all out for protective gear but still want at least a little protection for your laptops then you must get a laptop sleeve as it is not too expensive but does the job of protecting your laptops efficiently. 

With these many benefits and such a cheap price, we are sure you are on board with us when we say that a laptop sleeve is a must have laptop accessory. So, without wasting anymore time check out the list of our top laptop sleeves which will not only protect your laptop but will also not destroy your budget:

1. Arvok 15- 15.6 inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $8.49 ~ $17.99

Product description:

  • This is a premium thickened water-resistant laptop sleeve made using the best materials. The design is slim and lightweight but cushiony enough to protect your laptop from any physical damage.
  • It is perfect for most 15-16- inch laptops manufactured by all major brands. Measure your laptops for precise dimensions. 
  • This sleek laptop sleeve is sleek enough to be carried with you in any bag or briefcase. It makes travelling very convenient for you as it can fit everywhere very easily.
  • To store your laptop in the sleeve just unzip the zipper on the bag and put your laptop in the case. The zipper is smooth and sturdy making sure your laptop is safe inside the case.

What do the customers think?

Customers absolutely love this laptop sleeve because of the materials used to make it. It seems to have every perfect feature that you would want to have for the protection of your laptops. It keeps your laptop safe in case there is a water spill, everything else will get wet but your laptop won’t. Some customers complained that it had a weird smell when it came out of the package but the smell is normal for any product made using neoprene and it wears off in a day or two. Neoprene is a durable material and will keep your laptop from getting damaged. 

Customers were happy that the case looked exactly as described and was up to the standard of their expectations. It is surprisingly generous in size so it works like a soft envelope, easy in and easy out.  The inside is very soft and well snug. The zipper works smoothly and does not look cheap at all. There’s a protection between the zipper and the laptop which is a very important detail.

Another great feature is that stitches are not very visible. The seams are all tight and it looks like it is very well made. The build quality is amazing and it is super soft on the inside. Most customers said that the case accommodated their laptops comfortably. If you need a nicely made sleeve for your laptop which will protect it from water and any other physical damage you can imagine, you really cannot go wrong with this one. This laptop sleeve is a steal for its price and highly recommended by users. 

2. Naukay 15.6 inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $8.99 ~ $16.99

Product description:

  • This is a lightweight protective laptop sleeve which is shockproof. It is sleek and will fit into most bags very easily without bulking them up. 
  • It is made of soft neoprene which provides protection and prevents damage.
  • The top zipper is very strong and ensures the laptop sleeve stays closed and keeps the contents of the sleeve intact. 
  • The materials used in making this bag are of great quality. The fabric layer on the outside protects your laptop from dust, dirt, debris and scratches.
  • It is thickly padded for protection. In case your laptop falls to the ground or accidental bumps it will still be safe. 
  • It fits 15.6-inch laptops perfectly, however, it is recommended to measure your laptop carefully to make sure it fits snuggly. 

What do the customers think?

Customers think that this excellently made laptop sleeve fits perfectly. Some felt that the case is just a tiny bit larger than the laptop which gives you enough room to keep the charger. It is the exact colour that is displayed in the pictures. The workmanship is great as there are no ripped stitches or blemishes on the fabric. 

Customers were very happy overall with the price and the features this sleeve offers. It is thickly padded, has a sturdy zipper, and is very lightweight. It’s also very soft and protects your laptop when you keep it in your purse or any other type of bag. If you travel a lot, it will be very convenient for you.

It is highly recommended by customers because they felt that this sleeve is much better than the plastic ones that are so popular, while they protect it, they always crack. Now you can keep your laptop secure in this nice case. You won’t have to worry about your laptop’s safety if you are using this sleeve as it is free of any manufacturing defects. It is finished inside and out and provides a good deal of protection. It is large enough to accommodate the power supply, mouse, and mouse pad along with the laptop. It is absolutely perfect for those who carry their laptops in daypacks or briefcases and others who need lightweight protection while they are on the move. It has been called very good value for money by its users and is recommended by them.

3. Kinmac 13-13.9 inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $17.99 ~ $20.99

Product description:

  • This designer laptop sleeve not only looks super cute but is also very protective. It has a high rebound EVA bubble on the inside which offers 360° protection to your laptop when kept in this sleeve. 
  • It is a perfect fit for MacBook Pro 14-inch, 14-inch HP ProBook G7/ G8, Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inch and all laptops from major brands measuring13.5 inch-14 inches. 
  • It is available in many pretty patterns and has an extra pocket with a zipper in which you can keep the mouse, cables, power, chargers, mobile phone etc. 
  • It is made of waterproof canvas which protects your device from water and any other liquids that might damage it. The interior is soft and plush which keeps your laptop from getting any scratches.
  • The design of this laptop has made it extremely popular. The prints are just amazing and the retractable handle design makes it very easy to carry

What do the customers think?

Customers who purchased this laptop sleeve feel that if you’re looking for something to store your laptop in when it’s not in use this product met and exceeded every expectation of theirs. It looks very cute and is extremely padded and cushioned. Even if you knock it down from a considerable height your laptop will experience zero damage. Since the outer material is waterproof it is very easy to clean and the liquids just roll right off it without staining it. Liquids don’t even seep past the zipper. 

Customers were very impressed with the quality and also felt that it would last a very long time. They Highly recommend it because of the cute print and perfect protection. The colours of the prints are darker than in the pictures but it makes the case look even prettier. 

The outside is water resistant with a nice big pocket for a charger and a convenient handle for carrying. The side unzips perfectly to slide your laptop in and the inside is extra soft and protective. Its amazing quality, sturdy and well built. The material feels expensive and durable. Customers loved that the zip is hidden by extra fabric, and the loop on the top makes it one of the best choices.

4. Lacdo 14-inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $16.99 ~ $18.99

Product description:

  • This beautiful laptop sleeve is made of waterproof canvas fabric. It will protect your laptop from water and any moisture.
  • It is compatible with Dell Inspiron 14 5481, HP Stream 14″, Acer Spin 3, ASUS L402YA, HP Chromebook 14, Lenovo Chromebook S330, Lenovo Flex 14, Lenovo ThinkPad E480 T470, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Lenovo Yoga 920, Acer Chromebook 14 and Most 14″ laptops. For a perfect fit, refer to the specific product dimensions. 
  • It is extra soft on the inside. It absorbs impacts and prevents damages that might be caused by accidentally bumping or dropping.
  • This sleeve is almost like a bag as it has two extra pockets which give you enough space to keep pens, mobile phone, cables, chargers, power bank etc.
  • It is an attractive looking cover which is slim, portable and lightweight. You can carry it easily while you’re travelling. It can also be kept inside backpacks or briefcases very easily.

What do the customers think?

According to most reviews this laptop sleeve is perfect. If you’re looking for a laptop sleeve that comes with a handle, is small, comfortable to carry, and stylish, then with this product you should end your search. It is also great for people who do not feel like carrying a backpack everywhere. The exterior quality is durable, waterproof, and stylish. 

Customers were quite impressed to see the interior, which has an excellent soft cushioning for the laptop. The zip quality is equally good and stylish and does not look cheap. The brown brand tag won’t disappoint you and goes well with the overall look. It is waterproof and looks stylish which at this cost is an absolute deal. The laptops of the right measurement will fit in nicely and after keeping the laptop, there’ll be a little room to keep other accessories. The front side pocket has a zip which is not visible. It is the perfect size for traveling. 

It’s sleek and stylish while also being protective and sturdy. All the pockets have a waterproof liner so even if water got into one of the pockets your device would still be safe. This laptop sleeve looks like a very nice, expensive laptop bag and seems like a lot of attention to detail was given while designing it. It looks like a durable mini aesthetic briefcase. Keep your laptops safe with this highly recommended sleeve. 

5. Ytonet 15.6- inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $14.99 ~ $29.99

Product description:

  • This laptop sleeve comes with a portable handle and top opening double zippers which glide smoothly. It is slim and does not bulk up your bag.
  • It is made of soft and water-resistant nylon fabric and polyester foam padding layer for bump and shock absorption.
  • It is compatible with Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575 E5-576, 15.6 Acer Aspire 6 Aspire 3 CB515 Chromebook, Acer Predator Helios 300, Acer Chromebook 15, Acer Nitro 5, Acer Flagship CB3-532; HP OMEN 15 2018, HP 15-BA009DX, HP Pavilion Power 15, HP Pavilion Notebook 15, HP ProBook 450, 455, 650, Thinkpad T580 E580 P51, Samsung Notebook Odyssey 15.6 and laptops of most popular brands measuring up to 15.6 inches.

What do the customers think?

Customers think that this laptop sleeve is largely popular because the amount of space it provides is more than enough. A lot of pocket space for charger, for adapters, for wires, for mouse, for laptop, cell phone, pen and paper etc is there. The material is sturdy. The only thing the customers felt it lacked was a carry strap to attach. 

Some customers also felt that the handles are not very comfortable for long distance carrying. If you need to carry it for a long distance, you would want to get some sort of a padded wrap for the handles. The bag has sufficient protection against light bumping, it has light padding on the outer shell and the inner laptop pocket. 

The accessories pockets are quite functional. The shell material and the inner material seemed like good quality and looked sturdy. The handle, as advertised, can be folded into its pocket making it a perfect sleeve bag, but with the convenience to be carried by itself easily.

6. KAYOND 15.6- inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $11.88 ~ $15.88

Product description:

  • This cute looking laptop sleeve is made of waterproof cotton fabric which keeps your laptop safe.
  • The sleeve is designed with three layers of protection with a waterproof layer, shockproof layer and fluffy fabric inner layer. It is the perfect item to protect your laptop. 
  • The special feature of this laptop sleeve is a little zipper at the corner which allows you to charge your laptop while it’s in the sleeve. 
  • It is compatible with 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, ASUS VivoBook 15“, ASUS ZenBook 15″, Dell G7 15 Gaming, Dell Vostro 15 5590, HP Pavilion 15, ThinkBook 15, Predator Triton 500 Gaming PT515, Acer Swift 5 SF515, Acer Spin 5 SP515and most 15-15.6″ laptops. 

What do the customers think?

Customers think that this laptop sleeve is not only trendy but also protective. If you ever spill water on it, do not worry because the outer lining soaks up all the water before touching the inner lining to your laptop. This case is definitely worth the money. It is very well padded and will provide good protection. 

The dimensions were perfect according to the description- not too small like the others and not too big either. The material feels pretty protective and sturdy. The inside is soft and the design is pretty- it looks as pictured. The inside pocket is nice for carrying laptop accessories or even your slim wallet and kindle, but putting your mouse inside might make the sleeve bulge. The inside pocket also zips closed which is nice. 

The only feature lacking is a handle. Some customers complained that it has a chemical smell so you can let it air out for a couple of days. The canvas texture feels high quality and the zippers run smoothly. The gold colour on the zippers is a very classy touch. Your devices will fit snugly in the sleeve. It’s thick enough to offer mild protection which is perfect for travelling as you can store it inside your briefcase.

7. Allinside 13-13.3- inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $14.99

Product description:

  • This sophisticated laptop sleeve is made of water-resistant synthetic leather and soft lining.
  • It is very lightweight and slim. It can be carried by itself or can be kept in a backpack or a briefcase while travelling. 
  • The case can also be used as a mouse pad when you do not have an extra mouse pad. 
  • The closure type is very interesting as it is magnetic and prevents your laptop from falling out. 
  • It is compatible with MacBook Air 13″, MacBook Pro 13″, MacBook Pro 13″ with CD-Rom.

What do the customers think?

Customers really love this laptop case. It fits absolutely perfectly. The magnet closures are strong so it doesn’t open up while you are carrying it, and the fit for any laptop is just snug enough that it won’t come out of the case unless you try to take it out. The inside of the case doesn’t look very appealing but that hardly matters. 

Customers really recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a lightweight protective sleeve for their laptop or tablet. The slim sleeve protects it from being scratched but is not designed to protect from falls or strong impact. It does not add bulk to your bag but it doesn’t have any padding. It is well constructed and the stitching is well done too. It looks very professional. 

Customers felt that it seems to be well made and crafted better than most synthetic leather products. There might be minute blemishes but other than that, this product is highly rated and equally recommended by the users. 

8. Hseok 13-13.5- inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $13.99

Product description:

  • This elegant looking laptop sleeve is made using thick internal lining material which cushions the base. The low rebound foam padding provides shock absorption protecting your laptop. The outer material is made of neoprene which makes it waterproof. 
  • With this laptop sleeve there is an additional small storage pouch bag for you to store any accessories like keys or charger. 
  • It is designed with leather handles which are comfortable to hold and make the bag look more fashionable. 
  • It fits most 13-13.5-inch laptops very easily and has a little extra room for accessories. 

What do the customers think?

Customers were very happy with all the features of this product. The fit, cushioning, softness of the interior and the price- all are perfect. Some customers expressed a little problem with the handle. The handle is an optional use item. So, the two sewn handles fold into the case itself. If you pull them out and up to use them, you lose about 4 inches of zipper closure since the twin zippers stop on the outside of the handles.  

It is super comfortable and lightweight to carry. The little pouch is perfect for your charger cable and mouse. The sleeve is very well-made and customers loved the option of having handles that can go inside the sleeve when not in use. The smaller case is a wonderful addition and it fits easily inside the sleeve with your items.  

It has wider radius rounded corners as most new laptops on the market and will fit them perfectly. The zippers are of good quality. The interior is nice and plush and should protect all types of finishes. Some customers said that the colours are different from the images but that didn’t stop this sleeve from becoming one of the top sellers. 

9. Voova 11-12- inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $14.99 ~ $18.99

Product description:

  • This laptop sleeve is designed with multiple layers of protection- polyester foam padding layer and nylon fabric lining for bump and shock absorption.
  • It is slim, portable and lightweight and can be carried by itself or inside a bag. It can be used for school or while travelling.
  • There’s reinforced stitching on all stress points which makes sure that the bag does not fall apart when carrying heavy goods. This is a vertical laptop bag which is as convenient as the horizontal ones. 
  • It comes with two pockets in the front which provide enough space to keep the mouse, cable and other accessories. 

What do the customers think?

Customers think that this laptop sleeve is made with great material and is of a wonderful quality. Your laptop will fit in this bag snuggly. Your headphones, charging box and cord will fit in the lower zippered pouch. Customers love how it looks and feels and they really appreciate the handle and the zipper which is on its side. 

While traveling this sleeve is the perfect one to have. Like many other laptop sleeves, this one also has a very slim profile. This sleeve allows you to fit your laptop, charger, dongles, phone charger, headphones, and also an external battery. It is the ultimate slim travel sleeve. Even with all that in it, it is barely bulky. 

Customers also loved the handle position on the short side which makes it easy to pull out of your backpack. According to most users, it fits better than expected. There’s a little extra space to keep some documents etc. The compartments can hold any chargers or other supplies you might need. The inside is soft, padded, and roomy. The handle feels secure enough to hold for short periods of time. It is not recommended to hold it by the handle for a long time as it might cause the stitches to come undone.

10. Canvaslife 14-inch Laptop Sleeve

Price: $10.99 ~ $12.99

Product Description:

  • This beautiful floral printed laptop sleeve by Canvaslife is made of waterproof material to protect your laptop against any damage.
  • The zipper of this laptop sleeve is smooth and makes it very easy for you to open and close it.
  •  It comes with an extra front pocket to hold your laptop accessories or small personal belongings like keys, wallet, cell phone, phone charger etc.
  •  This cute laptop sleeve will fit any laptop that measures exactly 14 inches.

What do the customers think?

Customers love the print on this product and the protection it offers. Some customers felt that the colouring in the pictures listed seemed misleading as the product looks black but it is actually navy blue in colour. It wasn’t a huge problem for most customers; however, a few were disappointed as they had expected a different colour scheme.

The sleeve has just enough room for you to zip the cover, and no room for your laptop to jostle around inside. It has a well-organized front pocket too. You can keep travel tissues, on-the-go anti-bacterial wipes, a pen, a pencil, my cell phone, etc. It’s not at all bulky due to the way the inside is built. One thing to keep in mind is that your charger won’t fit in here because the front pocket is not big enough to hold it comfortably.

Customers mentioned that they are sure about the durability and protection this laptop sleeve offers. There’s a good bit of padding on either side of the case so that way your laptop doesn’t get dented or harmed. It’s very soft on the inside too, no chance of scratches getting on the laptop. The pattern and material inside seem pretty thick, and the outside it is very tightly knit together to keep all moisture out. The zippers don’t get snagged on anything either and they glide smoothly. This laptop sleeve was especially loved for the design and pattern and is highly recommended. 


1. How do I clean my laptop sleeve?

A laptop sleeve keeps your device clean but, in the process, it gets a lot of filth and dirt on itself. Follow these easy steps to clean your laptop sleeve whenever it gets too dirty:

  • Take a mug of warm water and pour a diluted mild detergent in it.
  • Dip a toothbrush in the solution and scrub the outer surface of the laptop sleeve to rid it of any stains or dirt. 
  • Wipe it with a soft and clean sponge or cotton cloth.
  • Do not submerge it in water. Dab the wet spots with a paper towel.
  • If it gets too wet, let it dry in the sun for a little while before placing your laptop back in it.

2. Why is it important to have a laptop sleeve?

A laptop sleeve is a protective gear which will protect your laptop from any physical damage. Following are some reasons why it is absolutely important for a laptop owner to protect it with a laptop sleeve:

  • It protects your laptop from all the dents and scratches it might get if you are not keeping it inside a protective cover
  • It keeps all the dust and dirt away from your laptop allowing it to function smoothly for years.
  • It allows you to carry and store your laptop conveniently. Some sleeves come with handles which make it very convenient for them to be carried. Some sleeves are so sleek that they can easily fit into any briefcase. 
  • Some sleeves offer space which is enough to keep your laptops and the accessories safe inside it. Keep all your accessories together and never lose them with laptop sleeves. 
  • Apart from the protection it provides, a laptop sleeve is also very reasonably priced which makes it one of the best protective gears for laptops. 

3. What are the things I need to check when buying a laptop sleeve?

There are different types of laptop sleeves available in the market offering many different features. Some of the important factors you need to look into are as follows:

  • Compatibility– It is very important for the laptop sleeve to fit your laptop comfortably otherwise there is no point in buying it. When you’re buying a laptop sleeve make sure that it is compatible with the model of laptop you have. The sleeve should be designed in such a way that it accommodates the shape of your laptop perfectly.
  • Number of compartments- Make sure you check the number of pockets in the laptop sleeve you are buying as some come with lots of pockets whereas some have only room enough for the laptop. If you’re looking for a roomy laptop, look for one with 3 or more compartments. 
  • Type of handle– Some laptop sleeves come with handles that can be slipped inside the sleeve when not in use but that takes up a considerable amount of space inside the bag. Some laptop sleeves do not come with handles at all. Make sure you check whether the sleeve you’re buying has handles or not so as to buy the perfect laptop sleeve for yourself. 

A laptop sleeve is a nice accessory which will ensure the safety of your laptop and will allow you lots of convenience, as you read in the article. Along with being a protective gear, laptop sleeves also have a great amount of aesthetic value; they make drab and plain looking laptops, nice and quirky. 

Choose one of the best laptop sleeves from the list above and let us know in the comments which one made the cut for your laptop. 

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